The 4 year Army ROTC scholarship application – the CBEF

In an effort to shed some light on the Army ROTC scholarship process I’ve been sharing some screen shots of my application to help you understand what you are looking at.  I would like to say that the improvements to the online applications are very helpful.  The dashboard format makes the process much more easy to follow.  The ability to scan and upload documents is also a big improvement, and I have advocated for years using the most efficient/effective methods of communicating with Cadet Command.  I got an email from an applicant the other day asking about documents he had mailed to Cadet Command.  Not the way I would have done it.


So, here is the Cadet Background and Experiences From (CBEF) page.  As you can see by the instructions I am not allowed to share what the test is like, but I can tell you that this test is worth points for your file, so blow it off or don’t take it seriously and you could come up short.  Last year I had two applicants with very similar credentials.  In fact one of the files was stronger than the other, but the weaker file got an early offer.  When we questioned the decision we were told that the CBEF score made the difference.  Cadet Command has to use some method to differentiate applicants.  One of the factors is the CBEF.

Hope that helps all you applicants stay focused.  Now it’s time for me to knock out my CBEF.

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