SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton

Incoming Freshmen

You will schedule your classes over the summer. When you meet with your advisor make sure you indicate that you want to participate in Army ROTC and that you want the class to fit into your schedule. Fitting the Thursday section and the lab into your Thursday afternoon schedule is the best plan if possible.

We are planning to have a representative of the Golden Knight Battalion in the Student Center, by the one hop shop during orientation and move in weekend to help you get enrolled in the class .  Stop by to ask questions and get the cross enrollment form or contact us ASAP

If you want to be part of the program you need to make room in your schedule for class and lab and let us know you are interested.

Current Students

If you are interested in becoming an Army Officer, or if you want to explore the option with no obligation the first step is the contact the enrollment officer at or call 315 268-7695. We will ask you to enroll in the class and we may ask you to attend 4 weeks of summer training to make up for ROTC training you may have missed.