You’ve taken the next step and you are ready to make a commitment. Of course there is more paperwork.

Do not fill out and send any of this paperwork until you have talked to the HRA.  If you are having trouble opening the form try a different browser or right click and download the form to your computer. You also need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Here are the links to the Forms You Need to Complete.

Direct Deposit fast start form

So we can get you paid.  Most important info on this form is Account number and routing number.  Make sure they are right.

W4 2021

In case any of your benefits are taxable.  Typically they are not unless you are using your scholarship to pay your room and board

DD Form 2058 – State Of Legal Residence Certificate

Information is required for determining the correct State of legal residence for purposes of withholding State income taxes from military pay

DD 93 – Record of Emergency Data

Who we should notify in the event of an emergency

SGLV 8286 – Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate

You are automatically insured for $400,000 SGLI, unless the service member declines or reduces coverage

This form is for your reference, for when you start the security clearance process. You keep this form and use it as a reference.

Standard Form 86 – Security Clearance

This is a working copy for you to gather your information.  You will be required to enter this information online to start the security clearance process…HOLD ON TO THIS ONE

Enlistment/Contracting Forms- For your review

You are going to be asked to sign an enlistment agreement and a contract when you make your commitment.  These forms will be prepared for your signature, but they are provided here for your review. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL THESE OUT YOURSELF.  Please read them carefully and if you have questions or concerns about these agreements please ask the enrollment officer or HRA for clarification.  The enrollment officer will go over the contract one more time when you contract.  These documents are binding and you need to understand what you and the Army are agreeing to.

Here is a helpful blog post that explains in more detail these agreements.

Enlistment Document – DD form 4

Your enlistment

Non-Scholarship Contract

DA Form 597

The non scholarship contract

Scholarship Contract

DA Form 597-3

The scholarship contract