Enrollment Paperwork

So, you want to be a member of the Golden Knight Battalion.  Whether you are a freshmen who is just curious about whether the Army is for them, or you are a Gung ho scholarship winner who is ready to make a commitment there is always some paperwork to do in the Army.  Below are 5 forms all students wishing to enroll in ROTC and participate must fill out.  None of this paperwork will obligate you to anything.  If you have questions contact the enrollment officer to get clarification.

If you are having trouble opening any of these forms you can right click and save it to your computer or try to open the form in another browser.  You also need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Fill these forms out electronically and save a copy before you print them and sign them.

CC Form 136 r (2018)

-You will sign this form to acknowledge that you understand your rights if you are injured while participating in ROTC training.

Cadet Command Form 137r

-You will sign this form to authorize the ROTC Battalion to see your grades.  During the semester we will monitor your academic progress to insure you are meeting requirements.  Part II of the form should only be signed if you do not want us to release your academic records to your parents.

Cadet Command Form 139r

-ONLY FILL OUT THE FIRST TWO PAGES!! This is the most comprehensive form and is the one used to put you “in the system” and enroll you.  Although this an impressive looking form it is not obligating you in any way.  The second sheet has some rather personal questions.  If you are uncomfortable answering those questions feel free to contact the enrollment officer to discuss your concerns.  You do not need to sign the loyalty oath unless you are a scholarship winner or will be contracting soon. FICE code for Clarkson is 002699, SUNY Potsdam is 002850, SUNY Canton is 002855, and St Lawrence is 002829.

Department of Defense Form DD 2005 

-Your signature on this form acknowledges you understand your right to privacy and the Army’s need to have access to your medical records.

Department of the Army form 3425

-This is what I call the gym class form.  If you are going to participate in ROTC we need you to take this form to your doctor and have them annotate that you are healthy enough to participate in our training.  Nothing we do is more strenuous than gym class, and you will never be forced to do something that will cause injury.  The best time to get this form signed is when you do your physical for college.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEGUN YOUR DODMERB PHYSICAL YOU DO NOT NEED THIS FORM.

Other documents you will need

-A COPY of your birth certificate (does not need to be certified)
-A COPY of your social security card  (does not need to be certified)
-If you are planning to compete for a campus based scholarship you should bring a copy of your final high school transcripts.