The Army ROTC program provides world class training and the opportunity to commission as an Army Officer upon graduation.  Cadets wishing to continue past their sophomore year must sign a contract, and make a committment to serve when they graduate.  In return ALL contracted cadets receive a monthly stipend their junior and senior year.

Some cadets receive scholarships.  There are two types of scholarships – regular 2, 3, and 4 year scholarships and Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarships.

2,3,4 year scholarships

These scholarships are awarded either to high school seniors who apply through the national scholarship process or to Cadets on campus.  High School juniors and seniors should make sure they are well advised and tracking the deadlines to be competitive for the high school 4 and 3 year scholarships.  If you fail to apply or receive a scholarship while still in high school you can come to campus and compete for scholarships that are available through the ROTC battalion on campus.  The availability and procedures for competing for these scholarships changes from year to year.  For the latest information you should contact the enrollment officer and make sure you enroll in ROTC class and participate fully.

GRFD scholarships

These scholarships are associated with the Reserves and National Guard, and are typically 2 or 3 year scholarships.  They are received by competing on campus.  Two things to set these scholarships apart from a regular scholarship are that winners are required to Enter the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), which means they must enlist in the National Guard or Reserves and begin drilling while still in college and they will not be allowed to serve on active duty, and must enter the Guard or Reserves upon Graduation.

Once you are offered one of these scholarships and are contracted you will receive

  • All tuitions and fees (or room and board at schools where tuition and fees is less than R & B)
  • $600 a semester for books.
  • A $420 per month tax-free spending allowance.
  • May receive other benefits from your school like room and board – Clarkson provides a room and board incentive for all Army ROTC scholarship recipients.

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