The 104r

The 104-R  Planned Academic Program Worksheet

How to fill out your 104r

The other important form we will need you to become familiar with ASAP is the 104-r or the Planned Academic Program Worksheet.  This is an important document that is useful whether you remain in the program or decide the Army is not for you.

Here are the instructions and here is a blank form.

If you are having trouble opening the document try to right click on the link, save the link as a file to your desktop and then try to open it.  You will also need to open it using adobe acrobat reader DC, which is a free program you can download to your computer. DO NOT use any other edition of the file. It needs to be editable and it needs to automatically calculate the semesters in block 5.

If you are a scholarship winner or you intend to compete for a campus based scholarship you should make an effort to fill this form out.  You need to do some research and project what you intend to take each semester for your entire college career.  Once you get to campus you should sit down with your advisor and make sure your 104r looks reasonable.  This is a working document, but it needs to reflect a credible academic plan.

Here are some examples.  Feel free to use as a starting point.

Clarkson Chemical Engineering

Clarkson Aeronautical Engineering

Clarkson Biology

Clarkson Biomolecular Science

Clarkson Civil Engineering

Clarkson Engineering and Management 

Clarkson Mechanical Engineering

Clarkson Business