Army ROTC, the scholarship process, and college are all confusing topics.  I hope to provide some clarity to the topic.  I’m the recruiting officer (I prefer the term enrollment officer) at Clarkson University’s Golden Knight Battalion, in upstate New York (no, the real upstate New York).

For more information you can contact me at:

Scott Toth
Enrollment Officer
Clarkson University Army ROTC
Golden Knight Battalion on Facebook


  1. My sons application would have been considered in the final board. Are you notified either way? Should we heard by now?

    1. His status wills eventually change and he will be notified, but at this point, unless he applied to West Point or sought a nomination from a member of congress he is probably done with theNational scholarship process and doesn’t have an offer. I could be wrong, so contact the ROO at your school of choice to confirm.

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