The 2020-2021 Army ROTC scholarship and SAT/ACTs

Some high school seniors working through the scholarship process this year or thinking about applying may have run into a roadblock due to COVID and cancelled SAT or ACT tests.  If you were unable to schedule your test Cadet Command has established a way for you to still apply and compete for a scholarship. 

All this information can be found in the Alerts on the application website, so if you haven’t started an application there is still time.  The deadline to start the application is 4 February.  You can find instructions for getting started here. I have seen applicants start and finish an application in less than a week, so hop on it if you still want to compete.

Prior to the January board you were required to have an SAT and/or ACT score to be board ready.  With the last board this year, Cadet Command has put in place a procedure to allow applicants unable to take standardized tests due to COVID to still compete.  Here is what you need to do:

Students not able to test can submit supporting information beginning 29 JAN 2021 through the March Selection Board document deadline of 4 MAR 2021 for those who cannot take the ACT/SAT before 7 FEB 2021.

Supporting information includes one of the following:

o Cancelled test registration communications from ACT or College Board.


o A brief statement from a high school guidance counselor for students not able to register due to COVID-19 restrictions; no tests were scheduled in their area.

Upload one of these document categories as “ACT/SAT CANCELLATION DOCUMENT”

Once this document is approved, Cadet Command processors will change the document type to “SAT SCORES” and an SAT score of 998 (499 EBR&W and 499 Math) will be entered into their application. ALL test flexible applicants will have a 998 SAT test score.

Given the student also submitted a qualifying high school transcript, their status will change to Interviewee (see Selection Status tab of your application). This will enable them to continue the application process to prepare their packet for the March Selection Board. They must still complete the rest of the application, the Physical Fitness Assessment and PMS Interview in order to be boarded and considered for scholarship selection.

All “test flexible” applicants will be boarded together during the 15-19 March 2021 board window. Notification of selected applicants will be made with the normal March board.

Students boarded through the “test flexible” process and not selected through the centralized process are still eligible to be awarded one of the brigade’s 3AD scholarship allocations. No test score waiver will be required for 3AD winners.

4 March is the deadline to complete your file for the third board.  Applications are down this year, so if you have a strong file or can put together a strong file your chances are as good as ever. If you have questions or need help make sure you contact the ROO at your school of choice. 

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