What is Army ROTC

Army ROTC offers the broadest path for young men and women seeking to serve the nation as Army Officers to achieve their goal. It’s graduates comprise the majority of the newly commissioned Lieutenants entering the Active Army each year

Since 1936 Army ROTC at Clarkson has provided students with the opportunity to combine world class leadership and management training with their other academic studies. The state-of-the-art curriculum which consists of a series of classroom and hands-on leadership training experiences, gives students the necessary foundation to serve successfully in positions of responsibility in either Americas’s Army or the corporate world.

Students with a strong academic background, who are physically fit, have an active mind set and the ability to rapidly assimilate information thrive in the program. These scholar-athlete-leaders (SALs) note that the leadership skills developed through their participation in the program are further honed during their period of service as Army Officers.

Successful Army ROTC products
Sam Walton – founder of Wal-Mart

Colin Powell – former U.S. Secretary of State

Samuel Alito – Supreme Court Justice

Lou Holtz – football legend

Nancy Sherlock Currie – Space Shuttle Astronaut

Leon Panetta – Secretary of Defense

Hugh Shelton – Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Earl Graves – Chairman and Publisher of Black Enterprise Magazine

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