The 4 year Army ROTC scholarship application – Additional Information

This post is long overdue, but with the confusion over the last couple weeks blogging hasn’t been a priority.  For those of you who have started the application this year you probably aren’t aware that Cadet Command “improved” the online application website this year.  One resource that has always been there was the Additional Information page.  Here is what it looks like.


I often get emails asking about how to submit information, or how to get the PFT done, or how to get transcripts and all the answers are right here on the application website.  I point that out at the risk of putting me out of a job helping coach applicants through the process, but I’m guessing even with this obvious solution to most problems I’ll still be able to open some eyes with my insightful blog posts, and answer the burning questions sent via email.  You do have to click a couple times to get to this page on the application website.  When you get to your dashboard, the additional information tab is at the top.  If you still can’t find the answer to your question you can find my contact information on this blog.

As the scholarship application season heats up for high school seniors I will be posting some important updates and insights soon, so stay tuned…


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