Board dates 2013-2014 scholarship boards

Here they are, the dates for this fall/winter’s board dates. If you are applying for a four year high school Army ROTC scholarship that will start in the fall of 2014 these are the dates you should pay attention to. If you are a high school student finishing up your junior year and going into senior year in the fall, these are your dates.

1st High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 7-Oct-13
1st High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 18-Oct-13
1st High School Selection Board 21-Oct-13
2nd High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 26-Dec-13
2nd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 3-Jan-14
2nd High School Selection Board 6-Jan-14
4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 14-15 10-Jan-14
Final (3rd) HS Selection Board Deadline for Docs — Missing Items 28-Feb-14
3rd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 7-Mar-14
Final (3rd) High School Selection Board 10-Mar-14

So, what does all this mean. If you have a strong file you should be shooting to have your file complete by 7 October and reviewed by the first board.

Look at SAT/ACT dates. If you don’t do so well the first time you take those tests your second shot is usually some time shortly after the October board, so you should be shooting for the second board and submitting improved scores if your file isn’t strong.Here’s where you can get some help with those tests, use it.

If you wait until the second or third board your chances are diminished because there will obviously be less allocations available after each board.

As you go through the process make sure you read about all the components (this blog is a good source of information, if I do say so myself) and stay in touch with at least one of the recruiting officers at one of the schools on your list. Notice I said recruiting Officer, and not recruiter…there is a difference.


  1. Clarkson – Do you know to when the first scholarship board (was supposed to be 10/21/2013) has been rescheduled ( due to the furlough/gov’t shut down)? I heard it might be some time this week (week of 11/04/2013). Any updated info will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Tim,

      If you would have listed Clarkson University as one of the schools on your application you would already know the answer to this question, because you would have received an email from me last week letting you know that the board was moved to this week:-) But posting a question on my blog is the second best way to get that question answered I guess. Hang in there. The shutdown pushed things back a little bit, and you heard correctly that the board would meet this week.

      1. Good one. Unfortunately, Clarkson doesn’t have the major I am looking to pursue. Thanks for the confirmation on the board dates.

  2. Tentatively, how long does it take for the results to be sent out? If the board was supposed to meet this week, will that put decisions being sent out to late this month or early December?

    1. I would plan on seeing results from the first board by early December. They usually try to have decisions from the first board before they make offers for the next board, so if they give 20-30 days to accept/decline an offer and the next board meets in early January offer letters could go out as late as mid December and still allow time for decisions. This process is not one that happens quickly and add in the uncertainty of the current budget and you will need to have more than a little patience this year. Hang in there.

    2. From what I can currently see offers went out this week and were proceeded by an email to the winners telling them an offer would follow. This is something new for this year. Mother process changes every year.

      1. Thank you for all your help. I did receive an email on Wednesday stating that I have been selected for a scholarship. Now I just have to wait to see my school selections!

    1. I’m not sure how the applicant can check, but as a ROO I send out emails letting applicants know what their status is. You can contact one of the ROOs from your list of schools and ask her/him to check. I’m also seeing that applicants got emails this year if they were boarded and didn’t get an offer. The letter told them that they would be placed on the OML for the following board. If you didn’t get an email like that you probably were boarded. If you want to correspond directly with me, I could probably determine your status if you’d like.

      1. Donna…I sent you an email. I didn’t want to answer your question so everyone could see. I can see the status of all applicants and with the right information I can see all the details, but I don’t want to be the guy that checks 12000 applicant statuses.

        I’m happy to help anyone that can’t get help from any other ROO.

  3. Clarkson was not available on the goarmy application site. Only 6 or 7 schools from NY were available to choose from

    1. The files have probably already been scored. They will now go down the OML and make offers. I haven’t seen any offers posted yet, and today is a holiday. My guess is the results should be coming out some time in the last week of Jan or first week of feb.

    1. Dave,
      The board convened yesterday (or at least I’m assuming it did). Since they will probably be boarding a couple thousand files I don’t think you’ll see results and offers for a couple more weeks. Once the files are scored they are added to the OML and then offers are made. That doesn’t happen overnight. I expect to see some results in about two weeks…hang in there.

  4. So I am confused. Is an email good or bad? How soon after the boards meet do the emails go out.

    1. Some emails are good, and some are bad…it all depends on what the email says. What will probably happen is after the Board finishes their work this week Cadet Command will have an OML based on file scores from all three boards. Cadet Command will now work their way down that list and make offers until all the money is gone. So, you have about 2 1/2 more weeks to wait and then hopefully you will be getting an email, followed by a letter, telling you that you got an offer. You may also receive some type of correspondence from Cadet Command telling you that you didn’t get an offer. If you had one of my schools listed on your application you will definitely get one final email from me closing the loop and either wishing you well or telling you what the next step is to becoming an Army Officer when you arrive on campus in the fall.

  5. I was wondering if you could check my name is , I was told I was eligible for the final round but haven’t heard anything since. Thank you

    1. first off, the results of the board won’t be released for a couple more weeks. In fact the board may or may not be done with the work by now. If you haven’t heard anything yet, then you are still in consideration.

      What I can see is that you are in an interviewee status. What that means is that you are probably board ready. I can’t tell more unless you have one of my schools on your list, or I have your social (Don’t send me your social). If you want to know more I would suggest contacting the ROO at one of the schools on your list, but for now you might want to just be patient for a couple more weeks. I know it’s hard, but this process takes time…and you need to start working on plan B if you don’t get a scholarship offer. Don’t take that the wrong way, but if you were board ready in the first round and haven’t seen an offer you may not make the cut line and will have to go to school, enroll in Army ROTC, and compete for a campus based scholarship. Good luck with the rest of the process.

      1. Thanks, I was board ready on the second round but didnt make the cut, my schools are cal st Fullerton and Hawaii pacific. I maxed on my pms interview so hopefully I have a chance

  6. I was wondering how much longer it will be before we are notified on our status. My packet still says active and eligible for the scholarship. I was also wondering if we will be told if we aren’t selected, or are we just left in limbo forever? Thanks for your help.

    P.S. What’s your take in VMI? Thats where I’m going, and I would like to know what other ROTC instructors thought of the school.

  7. Can you tell us when we might begin to see notifications for the March selection? Since it’s nearly April, we are beginning to wonder..
    Thank you!

  8. My son got his offer!!! So thankful and so proud of him! 4 yr and to his top choice school, already accepted early comittment! I cannot thank you enough for your advice and guidance here!
    Even though he isn’t headed your way (honestly didn’t know about Clarkson’s programs) we will continue to recommend folks to you!

  9. No. I wish I would have discovered your blog earlier. We knew about Norwich and she applied and was accepted there but she decided to stay down south. Probably UCF. I will remember your program and suggest Clarkson to her JROTC command. Thank you.

  10. I really want the scholarship and since April is tomorrow I was wondering if everyone has been notified? or are they still sending out letters?

    1. Jodie…I think all the offers are posted. If your status didn’t change you may not have an offer coming. I haven’t been told the offer letters have been sent yet, so there may still be a chance. Everybody really wants the scholarship, but the question you need to ask yourself is do you really want to be an Army Officer. If you do, and you don’t get an offer, there are still ways to make that happen.

      1. Hi goldenknightbattalion,
        It seems like my son is out of luck now. What are the options now to make it happen? My son was accepted in Virginia Military Institute but waiting for ROTC scholarship. Don’t know what to do now.

      2. When you say make it happen are we making a commission happen or are we making free college happen? In most programs the majority of the Cadets starting off in the freshman class are not going to be on scholarship. So, if your son wants to be an Army Officer he should enroll in Army ROTC and get good grades, maintain a high level of fitness, and do his best in the Army ROTC realm. That should make him competitive for campus based scholarships. He can also consider the SMP option if he needs additional help paying for college.
        I would also add that attending an SMC will make it harder to secure a scholarship. Obviously at a place like that there are an abundance of students with the same goals of a commission/scholarship. At a regular college Army ROTC program (like Clarkson) there is far less competition for scholarships.

        So, next step should be to contact the Army ROTC enrollment officer at VMI and ask what needs to be done to join the Army ROTC Battalion and enroll in the program. He then needs to spend the summer preparing to show up to campus physically fit and ready to be academically successful.

        Best of luck to him.

  11. Same situation for my son too. He was boarded for a while but no change of status yet. Today is March 31. My son is worried.

    1. Just found out we had permission to contact winners as of last Friday morning. If your son can’t see an offer in his application portal there may not be one coming. I think Cadet Command will be contacting all the applicants who didn’t receive an offer to let them know what steps to take if they still want to pursue becoming an Army Officer.

      My rough count is that almost 13000 applied and approximately 2400 received offers.

    1. SMC = senior military college VMI, The Citadel, Norwich, Texas A & M
      SMP = simultaneous membership program. Joining the guard or reserves while in college and ROTC. Search for SMP on the blog and you will find a post about the option

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