2013 deadline approaches

With a little more than a month before the final deadline of the 2012-2013 Army ROTC high school scholarship process here is what you need to know.

If you have already been boarded in the first or second board and haven’t received an offer hold tight.  You have one more chance before you have to swing fire to plan B.  Keep checking your status online, don’t worry about the medical status yet, and keep positive.  If you don’t get an offer and you still want to be an Army Officer there are plenty of other ways to get there.

If you haven’t completed your file and are not board ready get busy.  Again check your online status.  If you have questions or need help call a ROO at an ROTC Battalion.

I’ll say it again…you need 4 things to be board ready in this process


SAT/ACT scores

Presidential Fitness Test (PFT)

Interview with a PMS

Some of these things involve other people, so waiting until the last minute could be problematic.

You transcripts need to be submitted by your Guidance Office.  Do they have the capability to scan and email?  If not, do you have a plan to verify that the fax was received?  If they plan to mail them, will they get there in time?

You can take a screen shot of your SAT/ACT scores and email them to your processor.  Are you assuming because you listed Cadet Command as a recipient of your scores that they have them (don’t)?  Are you assuming because those scores are listed on your transcripts that they have them (don’t).  If your online status still says they haven’t received your test grades send them again via email.  You also might want to call a ROO and see if she/he can tell you what scores are posted in the system to make sure your best scores are in there.

You’ll need a coach or gym teacher to do the PFT.  It will take you 30 minutes at most to complete this test.  Are you planning on just submitting your Academy Fitness Test (CFA)(don’t)?

For the interview you will have to schedule a visit to an ROTC Battalion and fit into a PMS’s schedule.  These are busy men and women.  They are usually thrilled to meet with prospects, but that is not their primary job.  Are you planning to interview at your top school, or the nearest?  If it’s a big school the PMS is probably busier than at a small school, keep that in mind.

So, time is running out…If you haven’t completed your file get busy!!!

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