Medical: Not Received

Time to try to quell the panicked phone calls and emails…

If you are a scholarship applicant once you finish your online application you should receive instructions from Cadet Command to submit 4 things to complete your file and be ready for the next board.  The four things you need to submit are:

SAT/ACT test scores

Presidential Fitness Test (PFT) scores

High school transcripts

Conduct an interview at an ROTC Battalion

Once you start sending those things in you should be checking online to make sure those pieces of information are received.  Here is what it is going to look like when you check (although I hope your’s looks better than this one).


One thing you may see there that will cause panic is the medical.  DON”T PANIC.  You do not need to start your DODMERB physical to be board ready, and you will probably not be instructed to start your medical until you receive an offer.

If you have questions regarding your status you have a couple of options.  One is to contact the processor who was identified in the letter you received from Cadet Command.  Keep in mind that person is one of 5 people who process approximately 10000 applications a year.  If you don’t get a prompt response it may be because they are busy.  I suggest you contact the enrollment officer at one of the schools on your list of schools.  If you are one of my applicants I can quickly look up your status online and tell you exactly what has been received, and what is missing from your file, and I’m happy to do that for you.  If you aren’t on my list (don’t have one of my schools on your list) I can still see your status if you give me your social security number.

So, the bottom line is it’s up to you whether your file gets completed or not.  You have the ability to check on your status.  I’ve given you some options for double checking.  Be proactive and  be persistent to give yourself the best chance possible to receive a scholarship offer.

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