Scholarship transfer request

From the Cadet Command weekly blast.  Hopefully this isn’t news for those of you that have an offer, but would like to tranfer it to another school.


Transfer requests must be received by this headquarters no later than 12 April.  ALL decisions will be made after 12 April, with a target notification date to winners of no later than 5 May.  This same decision timeline applies even if you are in a College or University’s Early Decision Program.  Transfers will be considered on a case by case basis. The applicant will be provided an approval or denial of the request in writing. 

Requests for transfer of the scholarship must be sent to this headquarters with the following:

  • A statement by the applicant stating why they are requesting transfer.
  • A copy of the letter of admission from the college or university where the applicant is requesting the scholarship be transferred.
  • If the request is based on the applicant not being admitted to the school indicated on the Notification of Intent, a copy of the letter from that college or university indicating admission was denied.  Failure to apply does not constitute a failure to be admitted.

So, what are the chances?  It depends on so many things I wouldn’t even venture a guess without knowing all the fact.  It depends on the school and how many allocations they have.  It depends on whether the losing and gaining school are  in the same Brigade.  It depends on the cost to attend the losing and gaining school.  It depends on the major.

I’ve seen plenty granted and I’ve seen plenty denied.

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