Better check twice…SAT/ACT scores

Do you think Cadet Command has your SAT scores? Might want to double check

Here is a heads up regarding SAT/ACT scores and the scholarship application. Here is what was communicated to the Army ROTC recruiting community recently

Because of a system incompatibility scores sent from College Board will not be “available for upload into the applicants files”.

What that means for you is that if you are thinking that because you listed Cadet Command to receive your score that they have or will be posted to your file, your scores are probably not in your file. The best ways to check are to access your file status online, or contact the ROO at one of your schools and ask what you are still missing. If you have one of my schools listed I will probably be contacting you to let you know what you are missing, but all ROOs aren’t the same.
I also suggest you take a screen shot of your score from the SAT or ACT website, paste that into a document, and email it to your processor, and cc that email to . I also suggest you check your file online often, at least until you are designated board ready.

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