The deadline approaches

We are inside of 40 days until the Army ROTC scholarship application needs to be started for this year’s senior class.

The deadline is 10 January!!!

This deadline is the deadline to get online and submit the initial application.  Once that is done you will still need to do 4 things, and the deadline to do those 4 things is

28 February!!!

What are those 4 things you ask.

Hey…didn’t I write a blog post last year about this time, about the same thing?

Remember that if you want to get everything in for the second board (by 2 January) you’ll need to factor in the holidays if you still need to schedule an interview with a PMS.

What seems like routine around here may be totally new to the applicants that are wading into the fray for the first time.  Hopefully the information in this blog helps educate (and entertain) all who are interested in Army ROTC.  Let me know if it helps, and you should always feel free to contact me directly with your questions (just be prepared to tell me if you play hockey, and if you’ve ever considered Clarkson University).


  1. It was a requirement that new members of the Clarkson Rangers played in the New Member-Old Member Hockey game. Many of us learned to skate and play hockey the same evening. A skill that I still have.

  2. What a great tradition. We had our first skate yesterday, preparing for the Army vs. Air Force game yesterday. I always look forward to seeing who comes out and what skills they bring. We also have some beginners join us each year.

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