Summer Camp Update

With one more wave of MS IIIs going to camp at the end of the week, and the first wave closing in on finishing up early next week, It’s time for an update. It’s also the week after Boy’s State for me, so I finally have the time to look at the camp evals. Looks like top PT score so far is Cadet Austin, with a 296. I expected PT scores to be a little higher, but LDAC will shave a few points off your score. No one has failed to date. Cadet OConnor is the only other cadet in the 290’s so far and Cadet OC also has the highest Land Nav score to date with a 97 (out of 100).

There have been a couple stumbles at Land Nav, but everyone still seems to be on track. I’m also seeing some Es for garrison and FLRC evals. Keep up the good work Cadets.

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