Quick Summer Update

We are only a short ways into the Summer, but already good things are happening for the GKB. All of our school slots were front loaded, which means we have already had 4 cadets graduate from Airborne school (Cadets Austin, Strait, Olszewski, and Macci), and one cadet earn his Air Assault wings (Cadet Hallam).
Congrats to the GKBs latest Airborne school grads
Captain McCarthy is already at LDAC for his duty, along with many of our brand new Lieutenants. The first wave of LDACians deployed to Atropia earlier this week, and the second wave is moving now. Cadet Edgette and Coveleski were the first in the chute, and are already getting their picture taken for the LDAC flikr page.Cadet Edgette at LDAC



  1. Love these bloggers insights. Thanks for sharing for those of us that wonder how the days and hours are spent but will never be able to observe first hand.

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