The half way report

First off I wanted to report that 2 new 2LTs, 3 cadets and one cadre member helped out at this year’s New York Boy’s State at the end of June. All the cadets/LTs got the opportunity to develop their leadership skills during the week working as Junior Counselors, and we made sure that the boys were exposed to the Army and Army ROTC opportunities. The traditional Thursday Military information day was a big success. We were given an opportunity to set up an information table and we were able to talk to many of the boy’s about the Golden Knight Battalion and Army ROTC opportunities.


Looking at LDAC 13 of the 24 attendees have completed the training. The evaluations we can see back in Potsdam indicate that our cadets were trained well and are meeting expectations. The cadets that deployed to the later regiments are continuing to raise the bar. Cadets Wilsey and Zanghi both scored over 300 on their PT test and there have been some solid land nav scores (although none have been perfect). Cadets Cummings, Garza, and Wilsey scored in the mid 90s on land nav.

All the cadets still at camp have made it through land nav and PT, so it just a matter of getting their 6 leadership positions out of the way.

Finally, congratulation to Cadet Chris O’Connor for earning Recondo at camp. Well done!

To earn Recondo, cadets must:
Execute all confidence training presented to the prescribed standard, to include water safety tasks.
Have no non-medical waivers on any event throughout LDAC.
Score 270 or above on the Army Physical Fitness Test, without retest, with a minimum of 90 points per event.
Achieve a score of 80 percent on written and practical Land Navigation proficiency tests without retest.
Complete the following First Aid tasks to specified standards: CPR, evaluate a casualty, manage the airway, and control bleeding.
Pass both Squad STX lane evaluations with a minimum rating of satisfactory or higher.
Successfully complete Warrior Forge without a performance waiver. Medical wavers are acceptable.
Receive satisfactory or higher summary ratings for all 16 scored leadership dimensions and values, as reported on the Cadet Command Form 67-9, Cadet Evaluation Report.
Meet height/weight or body fat standards IAW AR 600-9.

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