Army ROTC is…an Opportunity (Part 2 of 3)

Any Degree, Any School

ROTC Cadets can use their scholarship to pursue a myriad of academic interests at over 1,100 universities in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a literature major, a theoretical physics major, or a vocal performance major, you can pursue your dream education in ROTC.

The Golden Knight Battlion is the host ROTC program for four outstanding schools in upstate New York. They include: St. Lawrence University, a prestigious liberal arts school with a long and proud heritage; Clarkson University, an advanced technological and research university; SUNY Potsdam, a liberal arts college that also hosts a nearly 200-year-old education school  as well as the nationally-renowned Crane School of Music; and SUNY Canton, Northern New York’s school for health, technology, and public service.

GKB Cadets have done it all. Our Cadets have graduated from rigorous aeronautical engineering programs at Clarkson, have graduated to become schoolteacher from Saint Lawrence University, have completed degrees and internships in law enforcement and criminal justice at SUNY Canton, and have completed double (and even triple) majors at SUNY Potsdam. There is truly no limit to your academics in the Golden Knight Battalion. 

Become a Part of the Army Officer Heritage

At the end of every Cadet’s ROTC career, each will be comissioned as an Officer in the United States Army. This is different from traditional enlistment in the Army. Officers are the military’s executives. They provide the knowledge and leadership for the greatest organization in the world.

Some of the most notable ROTC graduates include: Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; George C. Marshall, former Chief of Staff of the Army, and even Samuel Walton, founder of Walmart. Army ROTC laid the foundation for their success. Even SUNY Canton’s President, Dr. Joseph Kennedy is a product of Army ROTC

 Generations of alumni from the decades-old Golden Knight Battalion have moved on from their Army careers to greatness. They serve as leaders of their companies and their communities. GKB alumni that are still serving are currently deployed throughout the world defending the United States of America. Your contribution to the heritage of America can begin in the Army ROTC.

A Variety of Career Fields

An Army career is definitely unique. No other job gives you the opportunity to command a tank or fly an attack helicopter. As a millitary Officer, you can take responsibililty for millions of dollars worth of the most cutting-edge technology and weaponry.

But an Army career can also be more than tanks and helicopters. There are 24 different career branhes (and a multitude of additional career fields) to choose from as an Army Officer. These choices range from careers in diplomacy to cyber security and high-tech communications. When you leave military service, you will have these unique skills that cannot be found anyplace else.

GKB alumni have served in every career branch, and have moved on to receive additional training and post-graduate education to fill position in specialized career fields. They have served in military staff positions and have even gone abroad to train foreign military and police forces. There is no limit to the career potential of an ROTC alumni, whether inside or outside of the Army.

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