GKBs Toughest: The Ranger Challenge Team

Every year in the Fall, the ROTC battalions in each brigade assemble for their annual Ranger Challenge Competition. Ranger Challenge, often called the “varsity sport” of Army ROTC, is a mult-event competition in basic warrior skills such as: rifle marksmanship, land navigation, weapon assembly and disassembly, first aid, and crossing a one-rope bridge (click links for videos).

Every battalion sends their top 10 Cadets to compete in the Ranger Challenge competition. This squad, that represents the battalion’s best-trained Cadets, competes to be the top ranked in each event and overall among the other schools in their brigade.

The Cadets that participate in the Golden Knight Battalion Ranger Challenge Team are some of the most dedicated and hard-working Cadets in the whole battalion. These Cadets train hard throughout the Fall semester, until the big brigade competition.

The GKB Ranger Challenge team is physically and mentally tough. They are highly trained and highly proficient in their specialized tasks. They put in the extra time to make sure they are successful every year at the Ranger Challenge competition.

GKB Ranger Challenge Cadets are the best, and they have a long heritage of success in the annual 2nd “Freedom” Brigade competition. They regularly dominate the 41 universities and colleges in the brigade, which spans 9 different states in the northeast United States.

The GKB Ranger Challenge team has recently taken first place in the regional competition in 2007, and before that in 2001. The GKB team regularly places in the top overall rankings, with first-place wins in several events.

This year, the GKB team placed 3rd overall in the 2nd “Freedom” Brigade competition at Camp Smith, NY, beating 38 other schools in the competition. Congratulations 2010 GKB Ranger Challenge Team!

2010 GKB Ranger Challenge Team Roster

  • Mark Lucas (Captain, ’11)
  • Colby Sortevik (Captain, ’11)
  • Charles Rugg (’11)
  • Erin McTarnaghan (’11)
  • Charles Brewer (’11)
  • Tim Nevin (’12)
  • Russ Austin (’12)
  • Steve Strait (’13)
  • Devin Hallam (’13)
  • Andrew Christian (’13)
  • Jayson Keys (Alternate, ’11)
  • Major Joe Roller (PMS)
  • Captain Dan McCarthy (Cadre)
  • Master Sergeant Mark Empey (Cadre)
  • Sergeant First Class Anoldo Polonco (Cadre)


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