Golden Knight Battalion class of 2020 roll up

It has been too long since I posted a new blog post. Thought this would be a good subject to get back at it. Here are some statistics from the Class of 2020.

What can you take from this data?

First thing I would say is don’t read too much into this data. It is probably going to be similar to most small programs in the Northeast that are STEM heavy and similar to the annual GKB stats. These stats are relatively consistent from year to year, but there are some differences from year to year so don’t think we’ll always start with 9 scholarship winners.. Two examples: Last year we only commissioned 15 Officers, this year we may be at 21 by the end of the summer. In past year’s we average four to five female graduates each year. This year we have one so far, and one scheduled to commission by the end of the Summer.

Class of 2020 by the numbers

  • 9 in this class arrived to campus freshmen year with either a 4 or 3 year scholarship. Of those 9, 8 earned their commission in the GKB.
  • 6 Cadets earned campus based scholarships.
  • 3 Cadets who joined the program after the start of the Freshman year attended Basic Camp, which allowed them to get caught up and continue into their Junior year and sign a contract. One of them earned a scholarship, and two of them received the Basic Camp bonus.
  • Two of the Cadets joined the program at the start of their Junior year as Green to Gold Active Duty Option Cadets. Both of these soldier/Cadets had over 10 years of service and were over 30 years old.
  • 2 of the members of this cohort commissioned at the end of last Summer.
  • 3 are SUNY Potsdam graduates, 2 from SUNY Canton, 1 from St Lawrence, and 15 from Clarkson.
  • 14 of the 19 currently commissioned will go active duty.
  • One of the class was selected for Educational Delay to attend medical school. One of the Cadets to be commissioned this summer is pending selection for Educational Delay for law school.
  • 8 majored in a STEM field.
  • 4 are expecting to train to fly helicopters soon.
  • 1 was selected for the hardest career field or branch to get, the Finance Corps.

And finally this class was commissioned virtually over Zoom and the ceremony was live streamed over Facebook.

Screen shot from the virtual commissioning ceremony
Screen shot from the 2020 virtual commissioning ceremony

Another successful commissioning class from the Golden Knight Battalion. We look forward to their future success.

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  1. Good to see the traditions continues, Bill Pippine, LTCEN, USAR (ret), CCT, ’70 (Two things of which I am very proud.)

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