The Essay – What does the board want to hear – 2019 edition

Time to refresh an oldie, but a goodie. I wrote this Blog post in November of 2010. Apart from updating a couple links I think the information still holds true.

The Army ROTC High School scholarship application asks you for two essays and there is an additional information block. I recommend you use the space. It is going to be looked at by the board before any Resumes or Letters of Recommendation, so focus your time on these essay blocks.

These are the instructions for Question 1

Consider carefully, and then state below in the space provided why you wish to enroll in the Army ROTC Program.  Indicate in your statement how you believe your own objectives in life are related to the education and training offered by Army ROTC and what a career obligation means to you.  NOTE:  Recommend you create your statement on a Word document, review for content accuracy and spelling, then copy & paste into the section below.

I stand by what I wrote in 2010…start here:

For the essay I suggest you look at three things (follow these links or Google them):

Once you have looked at these three topics I feel you have enough information to know what we are looking to instill in an Officer, and what we want in our Cadets. If you sit down and now write your personal statement describing why you wish to enroll, how your objectives relate, and what a career obligation means to you and throw in some statements that show your values and beliefs align with the Soldier’s Creed/Warrior Ethos/Army Values/Leadership Dimensions you should have a personal statement that will convince a board member that you have what it takes.

The second question asks:

State below in the space provided how you spend your time in a typical week during the school year.  For Example, how many extra hours do you spend: at school, doing homework, engaged in athletic activities, engaged in extracurricular activities (i.e. clubs), engaged in volunteer work, or other (explain). 

Pretty straight forward. Don’t make stuff up or exagerate. Hopefully you are fairly active and know how to manage your time.

The last block says:

Please expand on any additional information outlining scholastic, athletic and leadership achievements not otherwise annotated in the previous sections.  Although you are not required to do so, you are highly encouraged to do so if applicable.

Use this white space to highlight anything you think the board should know that you didn’t check a block for or wasn’t explained elsewhere. This is a good place to explain any “other” block you may have checked in the Activities tab.

Don’t agonize over this stuff. Be honest, be thorough and proof read and you’ll do well.

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