Quick look at the first board

Just some quick initial analysis regarding the first scholarship board.  Keep in mind that I am out here on the frontiers of freedom and don’t have all the data.  My analysis is based on what I can glean from the Cadet Command Information Management System (CCIMS).

alt offer – 11

Offer – 202

eligible -7

interviewee – 5748

ineligible – 948

Here is what I count.

The first thing I’m assuming is that there are 213 applicants that will soon receive an offer letter.  That is not a lot.

I don’t know what constitutes eligible vs. interviewee, but my assumption is that this pool of 5755 applicants are somewhere between completing the online application and having all their information in so that their file is board ready.  You will be in an interviewee status until you are offered a scholarship, so make sure you check to see that your interview is posted and then don’t sweat the fact that your status still lists you as eligible for the interview.  I know that doesn’t sound logical, but some of this process won’t make a lot of sense.

My final assumption is that the 948 ineligibles have something in their app that precludes them from competing.  Things such as low SAT, low high school GPA, or age may disqualify them.

So what does all this mean?  Very little in my opinion.  You can’t control how many scholarships are given.  You can’t control how you compare against other applicants who are competing for the same allocations.  The only thing you can control is how quickly you apply, how quickly you complete your file, and the quality of your application and interview performance.  I would remind you that to become an Army Officer you will make some sacrifices, in time, money, and effort.  How bad do you want it?

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