The March 2012 board

Just a quick update regarding the third board for this year’s Army ROTC scholarship process. Here is some information I received yesterday:

March Offers – Offers from the March Board are
tentatively scheduled to be made at the end of March to allow time for the accepts and declines from misfire offers to be posted. This pause is necessary to determine which remaining allocations are truly encumbered.

What does that mean? Well, Cadet Command is trying to recruit with precision. This requires that they know exactly how many scholarships are available before they offer more. I noticed that there were some offers that came quite a bit of time after the second board, which means there are still second round offers with responses that aren’t due for a couple weeks. So, it appears Cadet Command wants to have all those responses back before they start offering any more.

Welcome to the age of draw downs and tight budgets. Remember that the bulk of the scholarship money will probably be expended on campus based scholarships and 3 year scholarships. If you want to be an Army Officer you should be prepared to come to campus, enroll in ROTC, and pay for your school.

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