Year group 2017 application window opening

According to the Army ROTC scholarship website the window to apply for a scholarship for students starting fall of 2013 is 1 February. All you high school juniors that have been chomping at the bit to start the process…get ready.

Now that I’ve got you spun up, a word of caution. We all think that early is better. Being at the head of the line has an advantage. First is best. Might want to think twice on this one. Although it can’t hurt to get the ball rolling the first board will probably not meet until October. Basically, the way the process works is that when each board meets the files that are complete (have submitted SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, PFT test score, and interview) are scored by a panel of Officers. Among the things evaluated are grades, test scores, extracurricular activities. If you submit your application in February of your Junior year to make your application current and competative you will need to update it. You will need to send in a list of your extra curriculars for the fall of your senior year. Hopefully you will be taking your SAT/ACTs sometime in the spring and will have scores to add to your application.  You will have activities and achievements to add in the early fall.  You need to understand that there are a limited number of scholarship processors and that if you want to change your applications you may be at the mercy of one of those processors.  Additionally, your list of schools may change.  Over the Summer or early in the fall you will hopefully visit some campuses, and your list of schools may change.  Again, those changes don’t always happen smoothly.  
So, my advice is take a look at the application…make sure you provide reliable contact information you check regularly…start gathering the materials…and start researching and visiting the schools and ROTC Battalions you are interested in.

Good luck


  1. Hi, ive been looking every where for an answer to my question but none has been found so i was hoping you could help. i submitted my Army ROTC 4 year Application this past week and when i go to check the status it says “We are having problems processing your request. Please call 1-800-750-7682, press option 5, then press option 2 and you will be connected to a processor who can assist you.” what does that mean is wrong with my application? i know it says to call the number but when i do so it says that the options have change and all so i don’t know where to go. because pressing 5 and 2 bring me to the wrong processor.

    1. From the scholarship application website

      “For any questions or problems with this page, please call 1-888-251-6983. Please provide a name and phone number so we may call you back and a brief explanation as to the problem you are experiencing.’

      Let me know if that works. You can always email too.

      Eventually you’ll get a letter from Cadet Command with contact information for one of the processors.

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