Airborne Congratulations

I recently received this email from one of our alumni congratulating our cadet Airborne school graduates from this summer.  One of the unique things about the Army is our links to our  past, and the traditions that remind us about those who have gone before us. Whether it is the history of your ROTC Battalion, or the storied history of your current unit, being part of something bigger than yourself is what makes the Army a special place.

Cadet's Olszewski, Macci, and Strait hanging out at Airborne school

Scott –

As the new school year begins, please pass along my congratulations to Cadets Austin, Strait, Olszewski, and Macci from the 3rd Clarkson cadet to attend jump school. (August 1976).

Mark Rosenthal
class of 78

(Ask LTC Hassett about LZ Ziplock)

Guess I’ll ask LTC Hassett about LZ Ziplock next time I see him.

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