The graduating class

This year’s commissioning class from the Golden Knight Battalion is a diverse group. I wanted to share some of the statistics regarding this group to highlight the fact that they come from different schools, have different majors, and will serve in many different career fields. Despite their background they will all be junior officers (Second Lieutenants) soon, and will be expected to be ready to lead their soldiers in the coming months. They have all learned about the Army Values and the Soldier’s Creed, and they have been given the training they need for the next level.

So here is a snapshot of this year’s graduating class

Clarkson grads – 9
SUNY Potsdam – 5
St Lawrence – 3
No SUNY Canton grads this year

Male – 13
Female – 4

Degrees earned
Political Science
Global Supply Chain Managment
Biomolecular Science
Mechanical Engineering
Criminal Justice
Information Systems and Business Processes

Project Management
Pre law
Sports Study and Exercise Science

Cadets accessed into all three components of the Army – Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserves.

Field Artillery
Corps of Engineers
Transportation Corps
Air Defense Artillery
Military Police
Quartermaster Corps
Medical Services Corps
Military Intelligence

There are graduates of Airborne, Air Assault, and Mountain Warfare schools

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