How to transfer a scholarship

This years Army ROTC 4 year High School scholarship process has been a little confusing. There was a lack of guidance regarding how Cadet Command would handle requests for a transfer of an offer, especially since second round offers were made to one or two schools on an applicants list, instead of the up to 5 school offers from the past board. Here is the recent guidance we received on the heels of the the second board results being released. Keep in mind that we have not received word on the likelihood of these requests being honored. There is no guarantee that a request for transfer will be honored, but if you are stuck it can’t hurt to ask.

Three things are required:

1. Accept the original offer. If the original offer is declined or
withdrawn, the offer no longer exists.

2. State in a letter or an email which school you are requesting
to transfer your offer to.

3. Send a copy of the university acceptance letter. The applicant
must be accepted to the university they are requesting to change their offer to.

A scholarship winner who wishes to submit a request for change should send their request to You should also track this request through the ROOs at both the school you were offered and the school you wish to transfer to. Battalions don’t have the authorization to tell you that a transfer will happen, so don’t let them do it, but they need to be aware of your intentions.

Don’t know how the process will work itself out, but we shall see.

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