The Deadlines approach for 2010-2011

If you are planning to apply for a High School Army ROTC scholarship this year time is running out. First off, if you haven't applied yet you need to get on the Army ROTC website and apply ASAP. Once you apply you still need to do the following four things:

  • Send in transcripts
  • Send in test scores (ACT/SAT)
  • Conduct an interview at an ROTC Battalion
  • Take a Presidential Fitness Test
  • There are two boards left and one of them meets in a little over 2 weeks. The deadline to have everything in for the second board is

    27 December

    The deadline to start your applications for last board is

    10 January

    And the deadline to have everything in for the third board is

    28 February

    You will receive a list of the 5 closest ROTC Battalions to your house, and you can do your interview at any of them, or at a school you want to attend. Keep in mind that many cadre members go on vacation between semesters and over the holidays, so plan ahead.

    If you need to send in test grades you can take a screen shot of your SAT scores from the website and email that to

    Think that’s it for now….Time is running out…Get on it, and Good luck

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