SAT and ACT scores for the 2020-2021 high school process

The window is open for this year’s high school seniors to apply for the Army ROTC scholarship. One of the biggest concerns regarding the process and the current virus situation is SAT or ACT scores. Due to quarantine and social distancing some schools are waiving SAT or ACT scores for applications, and it may be a challenge to get your testing done. Cadet Command expects you to take either SAT or ACT or both.

Currently, according to Cadet Command an SAT or ACT score is not required to start an application but a qualifying SAT or ACT score will remain a requirement to be considered for an Army ROTC scholarship.

Both the SAT and ACT are working to ensure test availability throughout the country. You should check their sites for updates and the most current testing information. Both sites have COVID-19 specific information available. Their sites are:



Typically, both SAT and ACT release test results within two weeks after taking the test. Taking the optional writing portion of either test will add additional time to score ā€“ Army ROTC does not use the writing score. When registering for the test, please include the Army ROTC Scholarship as one of your locations to release your test scores; this will help expedite the Army receiving your scores. The Army ROTC code for SAT is 0454 and the code for ACT is 1676. You can also submit a screenshot of your scores if you don’t use the code. Make sure that screenshot includes your name.

While the document submission deadline is typically two weeks prior to the start of the board, the Army ROTC scholarship continues to receive score reports from SAT and ACT all the way up until the Friday prior to the board. Make sure you are tracking the dates for the boards and the dates for testing and make sure you plan appropriately.

Cadet Command asks that you not let the uncertainty of COVID-19 prevent you from preparing for these tests. There are multiple resources available online to include the Army site, This site is free and provides test prep help for both the SAT and ACT. Organization and planning are keys to successfully compete for a national scholarship.


  1. Thank you so much! Iā€™m so happy to hear we are not alone! We were cancelled in April and again in June – so this has been a major cause for concern, especially since some were able to test in June. Has there been discussion of the boards being pushed as they were last year?
    Thank you for the insight!

    1. I wouldn’t count on the boards being pushed. Just have to keep trying to get to a test. Missing the first board is not a big deal, since it is the most selective board with the least amount of offers. Might also want to think about ACT along with SAT. If you do well enough on ACT you can still be boarded and then submit scores after the board if you don’t get an offer.

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