What are the benefits??

It’s the time of year when I reach out to all the incoming freshmen at that schools in our program and ask them to consider Army ROTC. Some are already familiar with the program, but many know very little and don’t do much research. That usually results in some very general questions like “can you tell me about Army ROTC”. So what I am going to try to do over the next couple weeks is write some posts that answer some of the common generic questions, so I can just respond to these queries with a link to a blog post.

So, I got the question the other day…what are the benefits if I enroll. That is a broad question and it depends a lot on whether you are on scholarship or not. The benefits range from the world class leadership training to getting all your school paid for. Here is a list of some of the benefits a student/Cadet can expect to get from Army ROTC

The Training

If nothing else Army ROTC will give you the opportunity to explore being an Army Officer and receiving world class, hands on leadership training. Our training revolves around builder leaders who can think critically, make decisions, formulate plans, communicate those plans effectively, and lead/supervise employees (we call them soldiers) to accomplish a task. A valuable skill set whether you decide to continue in the program and earn your commission, or just try it for a semester or two and then walk away.

The Ranger Challenge team, one of many support groups available in Army ROTC
A group of like-minded individuals helping each other

The support

Being part of Army ROTC is being part of a like minded, values oriented organization that holds themselves to a high standard. Your peers will help you to succeed and motivate you to strive for excellence. In our program your freshman year you are assigned a mentor and place into what we call a mentor tree. Each Senior is responsible for a “tree” consisting of freshmen, juniors, and seniors. A Cadet is also assigned to a squad of 8 to 10 Cadets who typically train together at PT and Lab and help and support each other.


Whether it’s getting a blackhawk helicopter ride, or rappelling off the rappel tower, or earning a CULP slot to Nepal there are always unique opportunities available to Army ROTC Cadets. You will have the opportunity to do thing most other students can’t even imagine.


Some of our Cadets are on scholarship (and some aren’t). Scholarship Cadets at Clarkson have their tuition and fees paid for by the Army. Clarkson also offers a room and board incentive that covers most of the room and board costs while on scholarship. Scholarship winners also receive a monthly stipend of $420 and $600 a semester for books. A non scholarship Cadet who is contracted receives the monthly stipend. Not aware of any other class on campus that pays a student $420 a month to participate.

future employment

If a Cadet completes the program they enter the military as a Second Lieutenant. Second Lieutenants are the entry level managers of the organization. They receive pay and benefits that usually exceeds the average starting benefits of their peers. They are also in a position of responsibility and usually within about 6 months of graduating they are leading a platoon of 40-50 soldiers.

Physical Fitness

No need to pay for a gym membership if you are a Cadet. Some might not consider this a benefit, but working out daily and living a healthy lifestyle is definitely a good thing. Have a group of peer who will motivate you to stick to the plan is a benefit for sure.

What benefits did I leave out?

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  1. I could go on for a while. Lets make it simple, if I had to do it all over again, I would. Bill Pippine, LTC, EN, USAR (ret), Clarkson ’70

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