Board Dates 2017-2018 scholarship boards

Here they are, the dates for this fall/winter’s board dates. If you are applying for a four year high school Army ROTC scholarship that will start in the fall of 2018, that would be a high school senior in the fall of 2017, these are the dates you should pay attention to.

4-year High School Application Opens for SY 18-19 12-Jun-17
1st High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 17-Sep-17
1st High School Selection Board 2-Oct-17
2nd High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 7-Jan-18
2nd High School Selection Board 22-Jan-18
4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 18-19 4-Feb-18
Final HS Selection Board Deadline for Docs — Missing Items 4-Mar-18
Final (3rd) High School Selection Board  19-Mar-18

So, what does all this mean.  Same advice as last year…You should complete your application before the board that makes you the most competitive.  I would recommend you try to get in on one of the first two boards.  Waiting till the deadline and being seen by just one board is never the best course of action.  If you have a strong file you should be shooting to have your file complete by 17 September and reviewed by the first board.

Look at SAT/ACT dates. If you don’t do so well the first time you take those tests again. Your second shot is usually some time shortly after the October board, so you should be shooting for the second board and submitting improved scores if your file isn’t strong. Here’s where you can get some help with those tests, use it.

If you wait until the second or third board your chances are diminished because there will obviously be less allocations available after each board but don’t rush to be on the first board if you aren’t ready.  I would tell you that you shouldn’t wait to be able to do one or two more push ups on the PFT, but if your SAT/ACT is low retake and wait for the next board.

As you go through the process make sure you read about all the components (this blog is a good source of information, if I do say so myself) and stay in touch with at least one of the recruiting officers at one of the schools on your list. Notice I said recruiting Officer, and not recruiter…there is still a difference.


  1. Scott, do you have the statistics of applicants, awards, test scores, etc for the 2016-2017 scholarship selections (2017-2018 academic year) yet?

    1. approximately 12K applied, and roughly 2700 received scholarship offers. Don’t ask me how many were 3 vs 4 year offers, and I have no idea what the average test scores were. Not sure what use this information would be to an applicant. How many apply, and what their test scores are is not something an applicant can control, and in my mind is not something an applicant should worry about. There are just too many variables in this process to worry about what the “average score” is. If I was an applicant I would be worrying about my application stats and highlighting everything that identifies me as a scholar/athlete/leader.

  2. Hello, Sir. After the October 1st deadline I had my PMS interview scheduled for October 4th. Cadet Command received the interview results about a week after October 4th, but for some reason I was still boarded for the selection board on October 16th-20th. It was to my knowledge that due to me not having the interview completed before the deadline, I would not be able to go to the board and therefore focused on classwork and was saving the essays and guidance counselor feedback for this week. Apparently, I was being boarded the entire time I thought I would not be able to. It is a peculiar situation, but the fact of the matter is that I am boarded. When can I expect my results from the selection board?

    1. You won’t receive “results”. What the board does is scores your file. That score is added to your whole person score and that is what is used to place you on the order of merit list (OML). The OML is used to allocate scholarships. You will never know how the board scored you, just as you usually don’t find out how the PMS scored your interview, or how you scored on the CBEF. And you will never know where you stand on the OML. Now you have to wait. After each board scholarships are allocated and the winners are notified. I expect in the next couple of weeks the first round of offers will be made. If you get a phone call or email telling you that you have been offered a scholarship it’s happy dance time. If you don’t hear anything then you wait for the second round of offers. Your file does not get reboarded, you just stay on the OML for the subsequent rounds. Good job getting in by the first board. Remember that board is the most selective, so if you don’t get a first round offer don’t despair. Good luck with the process!

  3. My file was reviewed during the first selection board. I was wondering if the results have already been released? Also my SAT scores have slightly improved since the deadline for the first board. Would these scores be considered if I did not win a scholarship?

    1. Results have been released. If your status didn’t change to “offer” then you didn’t get a first round offer. You should submit your new scores, but be aware they won’t change your standing much. You only get boarded once, and the score given by the board are used to place you on the order of merit list. That list is what is used to make offers. A higher test score may move you a couple places on that list, so send the new scores in.

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