Board dates 2016-2017 scholarship boards

Here they are, the dates for this fall/winter’s board dates. If you are applying for a four year high school Army ROTC scholarship that will start in the fall of 2017, that would be a high school senior in the fall of 2016, these are the dates you should pay attention to.

4-year High School Application Opens for SY 17-18 12-Jun-16
1st High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 7-Oct-16
1st High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 21-Oct-16
1st High School Selection Board 24-Oct-16
2nd High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 6-Jan-17
2nd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 20-Jan-17
2nd High School Selection Board 23-Jan-17
4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 16-17 10-Jan-17
Final (3rd) HS Selection Board Deadline for Docs — Missing Items 28-Feb-17
3rd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 10-Mar-17
Final (3rd) High School Selection Board  13-Mar-17

So, what does all this mean.  Same advice as last year…You should complete your application before the board that makes you the most competitive.  I would recommend you try to get in on one of the first two boards.  Waiting till the deadline and being seen by just one board is never the best course of action.  If you have a strong file you should be shooting to have your file complete by 2 October and reviewed by the first board.

Look at SAT/ACT dates. If you don’t do so well the first time you take those tests your second shot is usually some time shortly after the October board, so you should be shooting for the second board and submitting improved scores if your file isn’t strong. Here’s where you can get some help with those tests, use it.

If you wait until the second or third board your chances are diminished because there will obviously be less allocations available after each board but don’t rush to be on the first board if you aren’t ready.  I would tell you that you shouldn’t wait to be able to do one or two more push ups on the PFT, but if your SAT/ACT is low retake and wait for the next board.

As you go through the process make sure you read about all the components (this blog is a good source of information, if I do say so myself) and stay in touch with at least one of the recruiting officers at one of the schools on your list. Notice I said recruiting Officer, and not recruiter…there is still a difference.



  1. How are letters of support or recommendation to be submitted? Can the candidate receive them from the electronically from the person who’s writing it and upload them along with their application, or do they have to come into the ROTC board directly (hard copy, or email etc) from the person writing the letter? Thank you.

    1. Cadet Command does not ask for letters of recommendation and I recommend you not worry about submitting them. If you do feel the need you can upload them to your application the same way you can upload transcripts and test scores. Understand that the board members have a limited amount of time to review your file (a couple minutes). They may not have the time to review every document. I recommend you focus on your essays and highlight any recognitions or recommendations in the additional information space which I think is still in the last tab on the application website.

  2. If I had my documents submitted by October 7th but they were not approved until the following Monday (the 10th) am I still eligible for the first board?

    Thank you so much!

  3. My application has recently been boarded for the first high school selection board and has not changed since the meeting on the week of the 24th of October. I was wondering around what date is it common for an applicant to receive an update of weather or not they were awarded the scholarship?

  4. If my application has been boarded during the selection board of the 24th of October by when should an applicant receive confirmation that they were awarded the scholarship?

    1. Soon…there is not a set date. Usually it’s at least 30 days before the deadline for the next board. Every year it’s different, and in years past you were only notified if you received an offer. Hang in there.

  5. I understand the board met on October 28, 2016. Can you tell me if the results went out yet? My status changed to boarded. Thank you.

      1. Thanks for this blog – it is very helpful. So if the application still reads “boarded” that means there was no selection this round, or would they still be updating those that were selected. Seems they would send a letter before posting to the application module?

      2. They make sure the offer letters are on the way and then they change the status. It happens pretty quickly, so if your status still says boarded then you are most likely not getting a first round offer. One way to know for sure (other then bothering the folks at Cadet Command, which I discourage) is to find a friendly ROO who can go into the system and see if they see an offer. They should be able to do that for you. If you are interested in Clarkson University I would be more than happy to check your status.

  6. When should we expect to hear back from the board? I’m anxious already. 🙂 This second board is the first time my file is up for review.

    Also, what do you think my chances are for a four year? I’m a female, 4.0 GPA, 1/320 unweighedt, 7/320 weighted, 9 AP classes, 6 honors, 1480 on the SAT. Involved in track & XC, church (volunteer & youth group president), NHS (officer), and a full-time volunteer at a summer camp during the summer. I have various other smaller clubs & volunteer positions. On the PT test I scored 34 push ups, 58 curl-ups, 6:11 mile. The PMS told me my interview was the best he had ever done so I’m expecting I did well on that. I understand you aren’t the board, but what do you think from your experience?

    PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE this website! It has been so incredibly helpful.

    1. Sara…as far as I know the board started work today. It usually takes the board about a week to review and score all the files. Once that work is done it take about 2 weeks to compile the new OML, allocate the offers, validate the offers with the schools, and generate the offer letters. I’m guessing mid to late February for second round offers. If you don’t hear anything by then you may not have gotten an offer and you will then be waiting for third round offers in late March.

      I never “chance” applicants. I have no way of knowing what their chances are, and if I tell you that you have a 100% chance or you have a 0% chance I don’t know what good that will do you. I don’t know what schools are on your list or what you scored on your CBEF, so I will just tell you that your stats look good and I’m sure you have a chance. If you don’t get an offer I’m sure you will still do well in Army ROTC and you will still have a chance of becoming an Army Officer.
      PMSs and ROOs are all salesmen, so it doesn’t surprise me the PMS said you did well. Don’t let that diminish the “feel good”, but take it with a grain of salt.
      Glad the Blog helps…that’s why I do it.
      Good luck on that second board!!!

  7. My son was part of the second round, it shows boarded currently. The Col. he interviewed with said that he would recommend that he get the 4 yr. Scholarship, but that was no guarantee he would receive anything. I have heard different things, that you would get a call from the school you wish to attend or it would just come in the mail. If not selected from this Board will you still hear something letting you know?

    1. Unless you get an offer you probably won’t get any update on your status from Cadet Command. I believe after the third board Cadet Command notifies non selects. What I do is let my applicants know what I can see, but the schools on your son’s list may or may not do likewise.

  8. I have a question? how long does it take for the academies to announce their acceptance of their candidates for 2016-1017 service academy scholarships?

    1. The service academies don’t give scholarships. If you are asking when the service academies make their admissions decisions I do not know. I am an Army ROTC enrollment officer. I don’t really pay attention to the academy process.

  9. My status was changed to winner from the second board. I have yet to receive my letter. Typically, how long should it take to get the letter?

    1. Emma..I don’t know for sure, but I’m hearing from my winners that they are starting to receive their letters. I wouldn’t be surprised if your letter is in your mailbox tomorrow, since you won’t be receiving any mail today (federal holiday). Usually the offer letter is also posted on your application website. If you don’t see the letter tomorrow I would recommend you contact Cadet Command.

  10. On the Alert box, it says, “Army ROTC scholarship selections have been made from the final board. Please check the “Selection Status” tab in your application to verify if you have been selected.”
    My Section Status says “Boarded”. I would like to know if the Army ROTC Scholarship winners have already been announced or not.

    1. Offers have been announced…you did not get an offer. Time for plan B. You might want to contact the ROO at the school you plan to attend and let him or her know you are still interstellar in enrolling in their program.

    2. Tj , it’s all good man I got denied too. It still says boarded for me. I have no idea what I am going to do. I’m so hurt I don’t know what to do.

      1. First…you guys weren’t denied and you should not feel hurt. Approximately 25% of boarded applicants get a national offer. Most Cadets that start each year aren’t on scholarship. If you want to serve your country as an Army Officer there are lots of other options. Come compete for a campus based scholarship, look into the SMP options, or figure out another way to pay for some or all of your school. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but if you don’t know what to do now then you probably didn’t have a plan B. You hopefully got accepted to one or more colleges. What did the financial aid package look like that they offered you? Have you talked to the ROO at your school of choice about campus based scholarships yet? What I recommend you do is figure out how you are going to pay for the first year of school, let the ROO know you are coming and plan to enroll, and show up ready to do what it takes to become an Army Officer. This process is just beginning…this isn’t the end.

  11. oh my goodness . so if it still says boarded then u did not get a scholarship?
    What am I going to do? I have no money and want to serve my country?

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