Board dates 2015-2016 scholarship boards

Here they are, the dates for this fall/winter’s board dates. If you are applying for a four year high school Army ROTC scholarship that will start in the fall of 2016, that would be a high school senior in the fall of 2015, these are the dates you should pay attention to.  I post these every year, and the biggest change I see this year is the second board is pushed back a month.

4-year High School Application Opens for SY 16-17 12-Jun-15
1st High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 2-Oct-15
1st High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 16-Oct-15
1st High School Selection Board 19-Oct-15
2nd High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 5-Jan-16
2nd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 22-Jan-16
2nd High School Selection Board 25-Jan-16
4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 15-16 10-Jan-16
Final (3rd) HS Selection Board Deadline for Docs — Missing Items 29-Feb-16
3rd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 4-Mar-16
Final (3rd) High School Selection Board  7-Mar-16

So, what does all this mean.  You should complete your application before the board that makes you the most competitive.  I would recommend you try to get in on one of the first two boards.  Waiting till the deadline and being seen by just one board is never the best course of action.  If you have a strong file you should be shooting to have your file complete by 2 October and reviewed by the first board.

Look at SAT/ACT dates. If you don’t do so well the first time you take those tests your second shot is usually some time shortly after the October board, so you should be shooting for the second board and submitting improved scores if your file isn’t strong. Here’s where you can get some help with those tests, use it.

If you wait until the second or third board your chances are diminished because there will obviously be less allocations available after each board.

As you go through the process make sure you read about all the components (this blog is a good source of information, if I do say so myself) and stay in touch with at least one of the recruiting officers at one of the schools on your list. Notice I said recruiting Officer, and not recruiter…there is a difference.



  1. Hi,
    I was wondering around when the second board will notify award recipients and also whether or not I will be notified if I have been pushed back to the third board! My application status has said boarded since the 27th of Jan.

    1. I don’t expect 2nd round offers to be coming out for a couple more weeks. I don’t know if you will be notified if you don’t get an offer, but don’t count on it. If you don’t hear from Cadet Command by the end of the month you should assume you were rolled over to the third round.

    1. The deadline to start the application was 10 Jan. If he didn’t start the application by then he is too late. If he did then he has until 29 Feb to complete his file to be considered. If he doesn’t meet that deadline he can still enroll in Army ROTC class next fall. He just won’t be on scholarship.

      1. Does the Army publish a list of all the scholarship offers on-line? in the boards different from High school students vs. currently enrolled Army ROTC cadets who currently do not ahve scholarships?

      2. Are you asking if there is a list of all the different ways you can receive a scholarship? I don’t know of any one page consolidated list, but the explains all the different options. Keep in mind that all Cadets don’t receive a scholarship.

        The high school process is for the most part a national process. You can either receive a 3 or 4 year offer from that process.

        The campus based process is generally similar in every program, but every program is going to do things a little different. The bottom line is the ROTC program needs to have a method for establishing an order of merit list and that list is going to be used if/when funds become available for scholarships for a particular year group. How those funds are allocated to the battalions is up to the Brigades. If the Brigades want to equalize the number of scholarships they may allow a Battalion that didn’t get a lot of offers out of the national process to make more offers. The Brigade may also look to emphasize quality and award those scholarships based on performance regardless of which school.

        Does that answer the question?

  2. The second board listed February 26. Have they been released? If so, and no email was received would I be automatically enrolled for the 3rd board?

  3. What does it mean if your were “rolled over” to the Third Board. Boarded on the 2nd ?? Is there anyway to gauge where you stand on the OML ??

    1. What it means is you are still on the OML, and once the third board results are added to that OML third round offers will be made from that OML. Only Cadet Command sees the OML, and they do not share it with anyone. There is no way of knowing where you stand other than to know you are still being considered if you have been boarded.

  4. If you receive the scholarship but want to request to transfer it to a different school and are ultimately denied the transfer, will you loose the scholarship at the original school you were offered the scholarship at?

      1. Hello,

        Is this a tentative date or are awards going to be announced over the course of these 2-4 weeks? Somebody on this thread had said that they had logged in and they had already said they won. I had logged on the same day but it still says I am boarded. Does this mean that I missed my last chance this year to win and still have to talk to the PMS of the school I want to go to?

        Thank you advance for answering me.

      2. If your status hasn’t changed by now you most likely didn’t get an offer. As far as I know all offers are posted and letters have been mailed. That means you did not get a national offer. That does not mean you can’t still enroll in Army ROTC, compete for any campus based scholarships, and some day become an Army Officer. I would recommend you contact the ROO or Enrollment Officer at the school you plan to attend. Ask that person how you enroll in the program and what their process is for awarding campus based scholarships. I wouldn’t bother the PMS, that person if very busy and has someone who works for them that works with incoming students like you (the ROO). Sorry the national process didn’t work out for you.

      3. I’ve read that a 4 year scholarship is very competitive. My son received a 3 year. What could be the reason for getting the 3 and not the 4? What are the chances of it converting to a 4 year once he gets on campus?

        Also, with the 3 year, do they receive any benefits or help their freshman year?

        Thanks for any information you can provide.

      4. I’ll start from the bottom…
        They won’t receive any benefits from the Army other than the world class leadership training. The school may up the financial aid package if they know the Army will be paying full price the following year.

        I would not plan on the scholarship being upgraded. It happens sometimes, but not always, and none of mine got upgraded this year. Your school might tell you something different.

        Why did he get a three and not a 4? His grades might not have been high enough, his SAT scores might not have impressed someone. The PMS might have dinged him on the interview. He might have scored low on the CBEF. He may not have done enough pushups on the PFT. Someone on the board may have scored him low. By the time they got down to him on the OML there were no 4yrs left for his schools of choice…shall I go on??

        Bottom line is there are so many variable in this process. Many of them are subjective and you can’t lose sleep over things you can’t control.

        Also, be assured a three year scholarship is just as competitive as a 4 year scholarship.

  5. Hi. Thanks for your great information. I’m wondering where you can see your status. The online application portal is obviously closed so I’m wondering where people are seeing “boarded” as their status. Thanks!

    1. I just logged in to this year’s application today and I am still in an “Ineligible” status. You should still be able to log in and see your status in the Application section, in the tab all the way to the left labeled “Selection Status”

      1. Thanks very much – but I cannot seem to find anyplace that gives him an option to select status. I signed in here: – I logged into my sons account but the only options provided were: Profile/Careers/Apply Now/Contact There is no “status” tab, so I’m guessing I’m logging into the wrong site: Then
        I went to his profile, but was just given prompts to confirm his information. Am I logging into the wrong site? Thanks for any help.

    1. You don’t need to retake the DODMERB, but the physical will have to be reviewed by Army before he will be deemed qualified. Same with any other service…each service reviews the same physical and makes sure it meets their standards. If he’s qualified for USMA he is most likely going to be qualified for Cadet Command.

  6. I logged into the site to check my son’s status today and it says January board results have been posted, but not the March board. Could there still be a chance for winners to be selected from the March board who have not yet been notified?

    1. I’m pretty sure if your son hasn’t been contacted or seen his status change he did not get a third round offer. Recommend he contact the ROO at the school he plans to attend and ask about his status to confirm.

  7. This is for the scholarships that are being given this year (2016-2017) so the dates are a little bit different. Nonetheless, I have been “Board ready” since before the deadline for the first board. The board convenes this week, the 24th-28th. It is now the 25th. Will I not necessarily be “boarded” until the 28th? or will I be moved to the next board since I wasn’t “boarded” yesterday?

    1. You can find the dates for this year’s process on the blog.

      The board takes about a week to review all the files. If you were board ready prior to the board meeting eventually your status will change to boarded and may even then change to offer if you’re lucky. Folks need to be patient with this process and understand that things don’t happen in just one day.

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