Board dates 2014-2015 scholarship boards

Here they are, the dates for this fall/winter’s board dates. If you are applying for a four year high school Army ROTC scholarship that will start in the fall of 2015 these are the dates you should pay attention to. If you are a high school student finishing up your junior year and going into senior year in the fall, these are your dates.

1st High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 3-Oct-14
1st High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 17-Oct-14
1st High School Selection Board 20-Oct-14
2nd High School Selection Board Deadline for Documents 24-Dec-14
2nd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 2-Jan-15
2nd High School Selection Board 5-Jan-15
4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 15-16 10-Jan-15
Final (3rd) HS Selection Board Deadline for Docs — Missing Items 28-Feb-15
3rd High School Board-Ready List PMS Deadline 6-Mar-15
Final (3rd) High School Selection Board  9-Mar-15

So, what does all this mean. If you have a strong file you should be shooting to have your file complete by 3 October and reviewed by the first board.

Look at SAT/ACT dates. If you don’t do so well the first time you take those tests your second shot is usually some time shortly after the October board, so you should be shooting for the second board and submitting improved scores if your file isn’t strong. Here’s where you can get some help with those tests, use it.

If you wait until the second or third board your chances are diminished because there will obviously be less allocations available after each board.

As you go through the process make sure you read about all the components (this blog is a good source of information, if I do say so myself) and stay in touch with at least one of the recruiting officers at one of the schools on your list. Notice I said recruiting Officer, and not recruiter…there is a difference.


  1. Does Army ROTC do rolling admissions? Also, after I’m boarded, if I’m selected for a scholarship, will I be notified through mail/email as well as seeing a status change on the online application?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. If you get an offer your status will change, but it’s not official until you receive the offer letter in the mail. We usually have to wait until the letters are mailed before we can contact our winners.

      Army ROTC doesn’t have rolling admissions because Army ROTC doesn’t do “admissions”. You apply to and are accepted to a school. If you want to enroll in Army ROTC that is an enrollment process that happens when you sign up for your classes. Does that make sense?

      1. Yes, it makes sense. Thanks for the quick and concise response. Your comments below were also very informative. Now, all I can do in the meantime is wait. Thanks again!

      2. If the final board met Monday, and it shows boarded already today, do you see that as a good thing or a bad thing? Good as you are at the top of the list or bad as they cull out who will not be selected???

      3. The board meets for about a week. You shouldn’t read anything into your status change. The board has nothing to do with whether or not you get an offer. What the board does is assigns a score to your file. That score is used by another group of people to determine whether or not you will get an offer. So the fact that your status changed to boarded just means by the end of the week you will be somewhere on the OML for this years third round of scholarship offers. Being on the OML does not mean you will get an offer. Your score still needs to be high enough to warrant an offer and the schools on your list have to have allocations before you will get an offer.

      4. When do you expect for final decisions to be made? My son made his decision and filled out everything and had an appt set up to do his interview, but the date fell after the 2nd board, so all of his information has gone completely through this third board. Like I said earlier he has been boarded, but was wondering if you had a date for final decisions.

    2. Is there a specific, or least very close-to date, to keep in mind when waiting to see if you are offered a scholarship after the third board? I know you have mentioned that if you do not receive a scholarship you usually are not contacted at all, so I was just wondering if there was an “end date” for offers.

      1. There is not. Each year it is different. Even after the third round offers go out there may be other offers that trickle out. I would say June is when we will have a 90% solution.

      2. Wow, June??? My son will join the ROTC program regardless, but I hope we know something before then. Good luck to all!!!

  2. If one is boarded at the moment, what is the typical timeframe in which winners are selected? As in, is it still too early or are offers going to be made within the next few days/weeks?

    1. The board is probably meeting this week. Once that is done it usually takes another week or two to determine who will get an offer. Winners will probably be notified by mail by mid November. If you don’t get an offer you might get notified to stand by for the next board because once your file has been scored that score remain on the order of merit list for subsequent boards. This process isn’t fast, and it changes slightly every year. Hang in there.

    2. So, the board is meeting this week. It’s a bunch of Lieutenant Colonels sitting in a room looking at about 3000 files. They will score every file and create an Order of Merit list from this board. Next week (probably) Cadet Command will take that OML and begin to make offers. That process will probably take about 2 weeks. Then they will send out offer letters (add a week for mail to arrive). So, you are looking at mid November before the winners hear anything. A about a week later the applicants that didn’t get offers may get notified that they are on the OML and will stay there until the end of the process (after third board offers) or until they receive an offer. Bottom line is the process changes a little every year and you have to be patient.

      1. Alright, that’s good to know. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

  3. If I update my application prior to the second board, does the second board re-evaluate the new information and re-rank OML? Can I interview more than once?

    1. If your file was seen by the first board then it was scored by the board members based on what was in your application at the time. You also did an interview that was conducted based on the what was in your file at that time and you were given an interview score. You can update your file, but any changes will have very little effect on your file score. They may change your score by a point or two at most. Your file will not be reboarded.

      With that being said, it’s not time to panic just because you didn’t get a first round offer. You will have two more chances to get an offer. Hang in there.

  4. Okay so the board met monday the 5th of january but on my selection status it still says board ready… should I be concerned? What is going on….? I am a little nervous with this topic.

    1. If your file says board ready you have nothing to worry about (at least with regards as to whether your file is being boarded). The board doesn’t happen in one day. I’m guessing 4000+ files will be looked at by 3 or more Lieutenant Colonels in the week. After that Cadet Command will determine which applicants will get offers and to which schools. be a little patient.

    1. The board is meeting soon…it takes some time for the board to score 4000 or more files and then determine who and at what schools offers will be made. I expect it will be the end of January before the offer letters are sent out and you hear whether or not you got an offer.

  5. This page has been a lifesaver on seeing if I was the only one freaking out. I barely missed the first board and and am waiting fort status to change to “boarded” after they yesterday. It’s hard not to be stressed when this scholarship becomes your main chance of paying for college. Thank you for keeping us updated. Prayers go out to all awaiting the decision.

  6. If selected, will the status online change to “Winner” before the actual piece of mail is received? I know this is a little ahead, but I am just curious.

    1. Amac…did you read my response to any of the other comments before you posted this??
      The board was actually pushed back a week. Your status will probably not change unless you receive an offer, and if you receive an offer I’m guessing it will be February before the winners see their status change. The board process takes weeks, not days to complete.

  7. Hi there,

    I understand the board meets 5-Jan-15 and it’s been a week. My packet remains at “Board Ready”. How long does it normally take?

    1. I’ve answered the question about 4 times in the comments, but here goes again…the board got pushed back a week. The board process usually takes weeks, not days…early to mid February will probably be when offer letters go out. If you don’t get an offer you may be notified that you will be on the OML for the third board.

  8. It won’t let me fill out the new application for the students who are starting college in fall 2015. The application button for the 2015-2016 school year keeps directing me to the same 2014-2015 school year application. How do I apply for the new 2015-2016 school year application? How do I get their website to fill to direct me to the correct webpage?

    1. (4-Year High School Application Deadline for SY 15-16 10-Jan-15)
      I think its too late to start an application.

  9. I logged into my application today and all my schools of intent were randomly changed. They all got changed to schools in Virginia, when originally all my schools were in Georgia??? I don’t know what is going on should I be concerned, did the scholarship automatically change it or what???

  10. I had my PMS interview on the 22nd but my application wasn’t deemed as board ready until after the 2nd so I missed the second board. What are my chances now?

  11. Akira…59.853% chance.
    OK…seriously there is no way for me to answer that question. I have no idea what your credentials are. I have no idea what schools you had listed. I have no idea how the board will score your file and I have no idea how many scholarships will be given in the third round.

    You have the same chance as anyone else that applied, at least relatively so, and if you don’t get an offer there is still a chance that you can come to campus, enroll in Army ROTC class, and get a campus based scholarship offer.

    The question to you is how bad do you want to be an Army Officer?

  12. After your application is changed to “boarded” how long does it normally take to see if you are a winner of a scholarship? i was just boarded by the 2nd board.

      1. I have a status of “Reboarded”. I am guessing this means the 3rd selection board will look at my application. If I have better SAT scores should I submit them or is it too late?

      2. ‘m not sure what a “reboarded” status means. Normally your file only gets boarded once.

        With regard to your score changes…If they are reboarding it then I’m assuming something significant changed for a second board to rescore your file. If your file has been boarded that means they are done with it. Send in those scores. it won’t affect the work the board did, but it will improve the your files overall score (or at least it should). The process is almost over and offers will be determined very soon, so if you don’t get them posted and looked at soon it won’t matter.

  13. I think I will add to the many panicking people who are wondering whats the time frame to found out winners. I was moved to boarded last Thursday and my School of Intent was changed to many schools across the U.S .. ( Lol that was scary ) but i was able to change it back to schools in U.S! Still being patient !!!!

    1. If you find yourself stressing about the dates put on your running shoes and go for a run or do sets of pushups until you pass out. Channel that energy you are wasting on things you can’t control.

  14. Just curious as to how you know all of this information (about the board being pushed back, etc)?

    1. I’m the recruiting officer at Clarkson University and have been the ROO for around 10 years. I also just got back from a Brigade conference (2nd Brigade is the 42 schools in the Northeast) where representatives from Cadet Command briefed us on all the latest news.

      1. Does the order of the schools of Intent matter? We are concerned, because the order my son selected has changed….and his top school is now #4. His application is at the Board stage and he has already been accepted to his top 3 schools which are now at the bottom of his list. Can this be changed?

      2. The order does matter and he should be able to get back in his application and change the order. If he can’t he should contact cadet command. He is going to receive his offers from top to bottom, so if the school he really wants to attend is down the list he may miss out on an offer.

  15. Hey! Does accutane dq you from Scholarship? My dermatologist is currently trying to put me on it but if causes me to loose my chance then I will refuse.

    1. Sara,
      I’m going to let you answer your own question…take a look at this blog post
      In the post is a link to the DOD medical standards standards. If you have a medical condition that a doctor is prescribing Acutane for then you may be disqualified. If you read part two and three of my blog posts about the DODMERB process you will see that even if you are DODMERB DQ you can still get a waiver. So, look at the standards and then ask yourself whether you have a condition that causes you to be disqualified. The only way you are going to find out for sure whether you can become medically qualfied or receive a waiver is to go through the process.

      Make sense??

  16. My packet went before the board for the Jan. 5th date and my status is now boarded. I was guessing I would find out by early maybe mid February, but if I don’t get the scholarship, will they notify me that I have not received it or will my status remain “boarded” ?

    1. Your status will probably stay “boarded” for the duration of the process unless you get an offer. Things change each year and sometimes even from board to board. I think what will happen if you don’t get an offer is that you will be contacted and told that you will not be boarded again, but you will be on the OML for the third board.

  17. So i actually just emailed someone in from cadet command who works in the scholarship branch. She said results are scheduled to be sent out in 3-4 weeks from now. This suspense is killing me!!

  18. I got an email from one of my schools of intent, saying acceptance letters will be released this week. He told me if I chose his school, they now offer free Room & Board, would this be on top of free Tuition? And does him contacting me about this mean, I most likely got the scholarship?

    1. First off…the schools aren’t authorized to contact potential offerees to let them know that they may have an offer coming. We won’t be authorized for a couple days, so the official answer is I can’t say whether you may have a scholarship offer coming or not.
      Some schools offer full or partial room and board for Army ROTC scholarship winners. You can also choose to use your Army ROTC scholarship to pay for your room and board instead of your tuition and fees if you want. At a school like Clarkson a scholarship winner would receive room and board from the school. Keep in mind this benefit is provided by the school, not by the Army.
      And finally…just to clarify…I wouldn’t use the term “free tuition”. We are going to get the tuition back in the form of service. I just like to remind applicants of that.

    1. Tyler,
      At this point in the process that may be the case for many offers. First off, you will receive an offer letter that will have detailed instructions about the next step in the process. If you aren’t accepted to the school yet you can still accept the offer. If you subsequently don’t get accepted to the school you can request to transfer that scholarship to a school you did get into. Note I said request. That request could be denied. The letter will explain it all, and the most important thing to remember is to accept the offer so you have options going forward.

  19. Has anybody received an offer for the 2nd board? Someone said they were being released this week. Will I get a letter or will my status online change to Winner? My status still shows Boarded.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, patiently awaiting an offer. Please keep us updated on your status. I’m also still boarded & was told winners should know by early next week (hoping my online status will change before i get a letter). Also who did you hear from that results are released this week?

      1. I received an email from the ROO at UAB that they will be released this week sometime.

    2. Your status will usually change before the offer letter arrives. You’ll also start getting calls and emails from schools. If you don’t get an offer then you may or may not be notified. I’ll make sure to post something when all the offers are out

  20. I’ve been boarded but my Guidance counselor feedback reads “sent” in yellow. Is that a problem? I know we sent off the Transcript request as well.

  21. My application was boarded too but the area where you upload the fitness test is still yellow, I uploaded it a second time but it still hasn’t changed.

    1. You didn’t do enough push-ups…that’s why it’s yellow…just kidding. If your status says boarded, then you should be good to go. Just to be sure I would email Cadet Command and ask. Would hate for you not to get the PFT score points added to your whole person score because the form wasn’t signed or they couldn’t read your run time.

  22. I’m assuming its too late today for offers to come out. Since I dont believe that cadet command will wait until next week to send offers, is it safe to say tomorrow is the golden day?

    1. You know what they say about assuming…why would you assume that Cadet Command doesn’t work past 1430 on a work day, but they will come in on a Saturday to update the system. If they don’t post the offers today then it probably won’t be until Monday. I haven’t been told that offer letters have been mailed, so I’m assuming that the final decisions haven’t been made yet. I expect some time in the next two weeks you will all know whether or not you will be getting a second round offer. hang in there.

      1. Recieved a call from guy at Wash U, & i got offers from my top 3 schools! However the website has not been updated yet

  23. I’ve been told that that “guy”, probably the ROO, wasn’t authorized to contact potential scholarship winners. Sure hope nothing changes and you actually do get offers to all three schools. I would recommend that you don’t do anything until you receive the actual offer letter in the mail.

    One reason why Cadet Command makes us wait until the offer letters are sent is that any of those 3 schools could tell Cadet Command that they don’t want that offer to go out for their school. As an example, let’s say one of the schools on your list was Harvard, and your SAT scores aren’t high enough for you to get into Harvard. Cadet Command doesn’t know that, but the ROTC Battalion should. The battalion could tell Cadet Command not to waste the offer. In the meantime the guy from WU told you that you would be getting an offer to Harvard. The letter comes and you don’t see Harvard on your list.

    In a couple days (hopefully) Cadet Command will tell us that the letters have been mailed. At that time we will have permission to call our winners. I’m going to wait until then to tell someone they have an offer.

    1. OK…my Brigade just told us we can notify our winners, so whatever Brigade Wash U is in was just ahead of the power curve. Our Brigade doesn’t seem to understand all you applicants are…So, congratulations to Haley and good luck to the rest of you. Hope your phone rings or you get that email you have been waiting for.

  24. If our selection status has not changed by now, are we automatically pushed back until the next board meeting for the 4 year scholarship? I am a senior in highschool.

    1. If you don’t get an offer you will automatically be placed on the OML for the third round offers. Expect to hear from the third round in March. In the meantime I would recommend you put in place a backup plan to fund at least your first year in college and if you are prudent all four years. If you don’t get an offer you will still have the opportunity to come to college, enroll in Army ROTC, and take the first steps towards becoming an Officer. You can also compete for any campus based scholarships that become available or consider entering the SMP program. Good luck on the third round.

  25. My status has changed to Winner for the 3-year scholarship. A person from one of my schools said if I do well in program they can turn it onto a 4-year scholarship. That’s correct right. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

    1. Don’t bank on the upgrade. In the past there have been years when upgrades were made. That hasn’t happened this year. You should plan on paying for your first year of college if you have a three year offer. You also need to keep in mind that it’s not automatic. You will be validated at the end of your freshman year. If you don’t meet the requirements (2.5 GPA, pass the APFT, be medically qualified) you won’t get that scholarship. Don’t mess around.

      1. What are the reasons for why I got the 3 year instead of the 4 year? Are there any real reasons?

      2. If my application still says boarded does that mean that I didn’t get an offer in this round?…

      3. Probably…if you read down the comments I’ve suggested you can contact a ROO at one of the schools on you list, or if you want to email me with your info I can check you status.

  26. Has everyone that has been chosen by the 2nd board to receive a scholarship already had their application status changed from boarded, or is there still hope?

    1. Not sure, but I’m guessing the switch has been flipped.

      If any of you want to confirm or deny that you have or don’t have an offer coming you can contact a ROO or enrollment officer at an ROTC battalion who should have the ability to check your status. If you’d like me to check you can drop an email with your full name to armyrotc at I’ll check your status on Monday.

      1. What was your email? I tried to email the one I thought it was but it wouldn’t go through

  27. Mason…armyrotc at…obviously when I say at, I mean @…

    Jonah…when you say accepted, do you mean got an offer? You get accepted to the school, you enroll or receive a scholarship offer from Army ROTC. The offer letters for the third round are probably being mailed today, so assume you will get them by next Monday. Did you get an offer??

    1. Every time I try to send an email to that email address it won’t go through for some reason

  28. My son applied and his application still shows boarded. Could you please check his status? Do you have time?

  29. If I make changes to my application before the 3rd board, will they see it? I just got named captain of the lacrosse team and have gotten my gpa up significantly

  30. congrats…If your file was boarded by the second board then the third board will not look at your file. Your file has a score, so now you are on the Order of Merit List based on that score. The only things that can change that score are maybe SAT scores or possibly GPA. The scores from the board and the scores from your interview won’t change. You can post them, it can’t hurt, but don’t expect a big bump in your score.

    Make sense?

  31. Hey again. I spoke with Mr. Black at cadet command and he told me to check the availability of a campus based scholarship. I was just wondering what exactly this is. Does it cover the same things a normal Scholarhsip would? And also do you contract when you accept the scholarship?

    1. You would compete for campus based scholarships if you don’t get a national offer. The school you plan to attend will tell you how they decide who gets those offers.

      All Army ROTC scholarships are basically the same. They all pay all tuition and fees. Some may require you to serve in the guard or reserves, but the benefits are going to be essentially the same.

      You will contract once you meet all the requirements, usually right after the beginning of the fall semester for national winners. You’ll need to be DODMERB qualified and pass your APFT.

      1. Wondering if you could clarify SMP, split training option and serving in the Guard/Reserve.

        SMP- Must you now go into the Guard/Reserve upon graduation? I heard this was the case.

        If this is the case, if a person does the split training option for the Guard/Reserve but wishes to compete for an active duty slot through ROTC, do they still drill with their Guard/Reserve unit, but not as an SMP? What if they are subsequently awarded an ROTC scholarship? Continue to drill?

      2. Before I answer, do a search on my blog for SMP. Read the posts I’ve written before and the ask me some specific questions. I don’t want to have to type more than necessary to help you out.

      3. I didn’t look in the reg, so I could be wrong…here are my thoughts.

        I am not aware of the requirement for SMP to absolutely only go guard or reserves. I think people are getting confused and jumping the gun. Who did you hear this from??

        I’m thinking that you can’t contract if you are in the Guard/Reserves unless you sign an SMP addendum.

        If you are a member of the Guard/Reserves and are awarded a scholarship you should be released from your obligation and will no longer be in the G/R. I had one of those last year, and I now can’t even request the scholarship without getting a conditional letter of release.

        Here is what I think I see happening. Cadet Command is pushing a GRFD mission on us. to fulfill that mission some schools only have GRFD contracts left for their enrolled Cadets. Since the enlisted, SMP hopefuls who in years past were just assumed to be on track to contract are stuck between a rock and a hard place they may be getting take it or leave it offers for a GRFD non scholarship contract. I’m not to that point here in my Battalion, but I could see it happening. My advice to all interested is to be very careful about considering SMP/split op/enlisting. Talk to the Battalion you are hoping to join and see how they feel about your Active Duty options if that is what you are interested in. Once you go down the G/R road it may be a one way street.

  32. Thanks. I saw the blog but I know the information changes from year to year. I guess it is something for students to be aware of and weight the options. Something else to consider with the Guard for those who do not get a scholarship, many states grant tuition breaks for members of the Guard. This may be anything from in-state tuition even if you don’t meet state residency requirements to full tuition reimbursement. Please highlight and under line “may” and read the fine print.

  33. my son was a winner of a 4 year scholarship but was also awarded an appointment to USMA which he has accepted. What does he need to do to turn down the ROTC scholarship so that it can be awarded to someone else. He has not gotten an official letter but has been contacted by email from the college.

  34. Hello….looking at some of the posts it sounds like round 2 of the selections has been made and winners notified? I was not notified and still show board ready so does that mean my last option is the final board?

    1. Your last opportunity for getting an offer from the national process is the third round of offers. It will not be your last opportunity to compete for an Army ROTC scholarship if you come to school and enroll in Army ROTC, and if you don’t get an offer it’s still possible to become an Army Officer.

  35. Thank you Sir for the note back. So definitively the 2nd round winners were notified, correct? Should I not be fortunate in round 3 and still want to compete for an ROTC scholarship…I would go to school as a freshmen then enroll in ROTC with the hope of being selected later in my college years? Being financially constricted, are there any other options you would recommend that would cover tuition and/or room and board? I would ideally like to serve active duty but I would be fine with reserves or guard as I would still be serving my country.

    1. You should consider joining the guard or reserves, but keep in mind that path is still likely going to require you to pay for your first year as a minimum, because you won’t be able to contract until sophomore year, and you won’t be eligible for most benefits until you have been MOS qualified for a year.
      Good luck on that third board.

  36. My application says winner just wondering if anyone has received the packet in the mail yet.

  37. I am currently sitting on a Boarded status on my application. When can I expect feedback on if I received a scholarship offer?

  38. Can you tell me if there are scholarships specifically for JROTC Battalion Commanders? I have heard that after the 3rd Board, scholarships are awarded to qualified BCs. Thanks for your help!

  39. Currently, I am board-ready, waiting to be boarded for the 3rd round, but I was wondering, if I am not selected as a winner for a scholarship, what would my status be changed to? Also, secondly, if I am not a winner of a scholarship, is it a simple process to still join ROTC in college?

    1. Your status probably won’t change. You might receive a letter or email that will let you know you weren’t selected.

      As far as still joining ROTC…I know that at Clarkson I try to make it a no brainer. I can’t guarantee it will be as easy at the school you plan to attend. I email all incoming freshmen, and especially my scholarship applicants to see if the want the class on their schedule. If they do then I submit a list to the school to ensure they get signed up.

      1. When you say my status “probably won’t change,” what makes you think so? I thought the deadline was March 6th.

      2. Actually, I apologize, I understand what you meant now, thank you for replying!

  40. Read the post again. The board meets 9 March. Results will probably be released by the end of March. I don’t usually see whether the statuses on an applicants site change, but I usually here from the applicants that don’t get offers that they aren’t always notified when the process is over. Hopefully you will get an offer, and not have to worry about it. If you don’t have an offer by the end of March make sure you check with the ROO at your school of choice if you don’t see a change of status.

    1. Thank you for all of the information you have provided. Hopefully my son will get an offer this month, if not we will find a way to pay for the first year and hope he will qualify for a 3 year…… year.

    2. Since it’s March 9th, I was expecting my status to shift from “Board-Ready” to “Boarded.” Do you know approximately how long it takes to become boarded? Thank you!

  41. My daughters application says Boarded and it has for awhile is the likely hood more or less that you will receive some type of scholarship or does this just mean that the PMS’s have reviewed all of your information to review. Thanks

    1. It means the file was scored by one of the boards. Because she hasn’t gotten an offer her score place her on the order of merit ( OML). After the third board all the files that were boarded will place the applicants on the list and scholarship offers will be made by working down that list and taking into account what schools each applicant lists on their application.
      Remember that an applicant doesn’t have to have a scholarship to become an Army Officer.

  42. My application still says “board ready” even though I know the board meeting was yesterday. Does this mean I wasn’t scored?

      1. Thanks for answering me so quickly. I was also wondering if you could please tell me what the biggest factor in one’s score for the OML. Are SAT scores worth more than the interview?

  43. Sir – when do you anticipate the notifications from the final board going out? Also, if you an individual is not selected will that be reflected on their application or will they receive an email? Thank you –

    1. Nope…don’t think such a thing exists, and don’t know what you would do with such a link if it did exist. Keep in mind there are a lot of variables in this process. The average SAT score for a 4 year winner at Clarkson may be significantly different from they average score of a winner at Oklahoma state.

  44. I was wondering about how long it would take for the final board to send out winner’s notifications? I’m leaving town for awhile and don’t know if I’ll have service to check the application. Do you know a time frame so I can make sure I find a place that has wifi so I can check? Thank You!

    1. Noah…I think I’ve answered this question a couple time and I just put up a new post this week explaining that the process takes time. How long will you be out of town? If you are going to be gone for a week of spring break, you will have no worries. If you are going to be away for the next month I would see about checking your status once a week. My guess is results will go out in about two to three weeks.

  45. I was wait-listed by Vanderbilt and they said that I will hear back from them in early May. If i get an ROTC scholarship to Vandy do I have to accept the offer by a certain date? Thanks

    1. When you contacted the ROO at Vandy what did she/ he tell you?
      If you get an offer it comes with a detailed letter of instructions. You usually have about 30 days to decide and there will be instructions regarding transferring you scholarship. I think I even wrote a couple blog posts about what to do if you get an offer. Probably time to write another.

    1. No…in a month, if you haven’t heard anything then you probably aren’t going to receive a 4 year national scholarship. You can still come to school, enroll in Army ROTC and become an Army Officer some day. You might even earn a campus based scholarship.

      I don’t think the third round process is done yet. Patience

  46. As a mom, it more fear than a lack of patience. Financial concerns are the worst!! Will try to have more patience to overcome the fear! 🙂

    1. I’m with you! I’m a student, but the financial concerns are the worst and the waiting is difficult. Hang in there 🙂 it hasn’t been a month yet, even though it feels like it’s been.

  47. If you are only doing ROTC for the money it is the wrong reason. There are other scholarships out there. Granted, it is $1000 here, $3000 there but they add up.

    1. No, it’s not financial only but young men and women do not apply for these without need. My son will join AROTC this year scholarship or not and he has been applying for many other scholarships.

      1. Scott if you feel this comment is inappropriate please removes it.

        I understand financial concerns, but as much as they may seem to be they will pale in comparison to the concerns you will feel if your child deploys to a combat zone. I am retired military and am proud that my child chose that path, but having been in combat I would have been very happy to take on the financial burden of a loan to avoid that for her. I did not chose or push ROTC for my child, it is something she decided to pursue on her own.
        Serving in the military is a noble profession, but please understand that an ROTC scholarship is not a “free” education. There is a heavy obligation attached to the scholarship. You may understand this, but sometimes I get the impression that many parents do not and are solely motivated by the “free” education.

      2. I’ll put my two cents in here…We had an open house at Clarkson this weekend for admitted students. I got to talk to a number of my applicants who are waiting anxiously for the results of the board. When ever a student or parent seemed to be overly concerned about cost, to the exclusion of expressing interest in serving I remind them that Army ROTC is not a social service. We exist of one purpose only…to produce Army Officers. We don’t exist to help students pay for college, or give them a better life. Those are byproducts of what we do but they aren’t the reason. I understand that many come to us looking for that financial help, but the point is they are often the ones that struggle or don’t pan out because they didn’t come to us with a burning desire to lead soldiers when the graduate.

        Jenn…I would also tell you that some of my Cadets do come to me without that financial need. It’s always a good day when a Cadet I am trying help tells me they have a good financial aid package and the scholarship is not something they are interested in. It happens.

  48. I believe you might have answered this already, but if by now on the 27th of March our status hasn’t change does that mean we did not receive a scholarship or that its still possible. I know patience is key, but if I didn’t receive it, it would be nice to know.

      1. I didn’t know if your comments where usa wide or for a certain state.

  49. I have been denied from admissions to my top two “schools of intent” on my ROTC application. If i receive the Army ROTC scholarship in mid-April how easy is it to transfer scholarships to other units? Thanks

    PS: the units were still listed on my schools of intent just #3 or 4 i believe.

    1. If you get an offer you will receive a letter with instructions on how to request a transfer. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s easy or hard, because what other options do you have but to request the transfer? I can’t tell you whether it’s easy or hard because I don’t know what schools are involved, and I never know what Cadet Command is going to do. I do know that you can still become an Army Officer even without a scholarship and it’s usually easy to enroll in Army ROTC class as a freshman. Good luck on that third board.

  50. I am resolved to wait another week or two to hear positive results, however the ROO at one of my son’s schools said that letters have been mailed to all of the National Scholarship winners selected by the National Board. He added that not many scholarships were given this year due to budget cuts. Have you heard if 3rd Board winners have already been notified? I’m hoping your answer is no, not yet, keep waiting! Thanks!

  51. I have seen no third round offers posted do yet. I usually see those offers about a week before the letters are sent, so either my applicants didn’t get any third round offers, or your ROO is mistaken. I was also doing a little number crunching today, so I’m pretty sure the offers haven’t been made yet.

  52. Thanks so much. I’ll take that information as good news. We will continue the waiting vs. patience game. Good luck to your applicants!

    1. Why would you want to do that?
      You can check status by looking at your application website. If your status hasn’t changed yet, it’s because the third round offers haven’t gone out yet.

  53. First of all, thanks to Golden Knight for maintaing this site. I checked with my sons school rotc co and he stated no updates as of this am either, so offers have not gone out yet.

    1. Oh…so you didn’t trust me:-) Actually, I’m glad you are talking to your son’s program and not just relying on some stranger from Southern Canada to help you through the process. The third board seems to be taking longer than usual, so hang in there.

  54. Based on your experience and candor, I completely trusted you, I had to make the call to calm my son’s nerves. Plus it’s good to maintain the line of communication because that is the school he really wants to attend.

  55. Thanks for all this information! I see all of my questions on here! I keep checking my daughter’s status every day, waiting for that third board results. She’s “Boarded.” Since it was her first attempt, I understand the pickings may be slim, is that correct?

    1. I wouldn’t say that. I was crunching some of the numbers yesterday and I’m thinking there will be a decent number of third round offers. I could be wrong, so let’s not get our hopes too high.

  56. Thank you for keeping this updated. Our son’s status remains “boarded”, so we frequently check these comments to find out information!

    1. All this information is so helpful and keeps a mom from going crazy. My son made this decision a little late and he was not finished with his application and interview until after the first and second board so all of his stuff went through the third board alone. WE patiently await.

  57. Thankfully, I have received a call today from one of my choice schools saying I have received a scholarship. For those who have been waiting nervously like me, I am sure you will hear from your schools very soon if you have won a scholarship.

    1. If you received a call telling you that you received a third round offer, whoever called you is taking a big risk, because the results of the board haven’t been released yet, and the Commanding General hasn’t authorized the results. Therefore the tentative results could change. Until you see that letter you don’t have an official offer.

    2. Victoria, Has the status online changed from boarded to winner? If not, will you let us know when it does? Unofficially, congrats! Cannot wait for it to be official for you and hopefully soon for my son!

  58. When I spoke to my son’s ROO, he basically indicated that nothing would be released during the Easter Weekend, and as of Friday afternoon nothing had been released.

  59. I will say this though, Cadet Command is not going to give prospective candidates much time to make a decision on which school they want to attend. My son has already been to VA TECH as he was accepted into the Corps of Cadets (he loved it by the way), however, he is in Florida visiting his other choice school where he was accepted into their engineering program. I know Cadet Command has tremendous job to do, but just saying…….

      1. If we are not awarded a scholarship, will our status change? And would we be notified before May 1st when decisions are due for fall 2015? If I am not offered, then I will continue in the army reserve, but I will have to commit to a different school. Thanks in advance and for all the previously answered questions.

  60. Can an upcoming 2015 freshman be rewarded a 3 year Army ROTC Scholarship? If so, will he have to go through the application process again? I was under the impression that you have to be a current college student in order to win a 3 year scholarship.

    1. First off…the national process can offer either 3 or 4 year scholarships, so you could get a three year offer from the national process. Second…once the national process is over schools are often allowed to make one or two more 3 year offers that are essentially national offers even though the school designated who they wanted. Some schools will call these campus based offers. Finally if you don’t get a national offer there really isn’t a formal online application. If you are enrolled in Army ROTC as a freshman your Battalion will have some sort of internal process to allow you to compete for the campus based scholarships. This may include providing documents, filling out an internal form or “application” and appearing before a board.
      Make sense??

  61. Any word yet on whether or not candidates from the third board are starting to receive offers?

    1. Not sure what an applicant would do with those stats…95% were in the top 50% of their class…that means 5 % weren’t. 27% were in JROTC, which means 73% weren’t. If someone decides not to apply because they aren’t a varsity athlete, or their SATs aren’t 1250 they are selling themselves short. I would tell you the stats for the scholarship winners that came to Clarkson look a lot different than those stats.

  62. I agree with you completely. While interesting, it provided no relief or reassurance for me. My daughter is ranked 10th in her graduating class, a Varsity athlete and team captain with a ton of community service hours; however, her SAT scores were lower and she did not participate in JROTC or student government so I have to believe (and certainly hope) they look at the individual as a complete package.

  63. I can log into my account but when it comes to selection status, the website says that they are no longer taking scholarship offers for the 2014-2015 selection board. I’m not really sure if this is normal or not, does this mean the offer chance is over for me?

  64. I check this post daily looking for updates to see if anyone has heard results while we PATIENTLY wait. I just want to THANK YOU so much for having this board…it has helped this mom a bunch with understanding where in the process awards are and knowing there is still a chance! We have been waiting since just after the first round…this sure does weigh on you! Thanks again! 🙂

  65. Ditto! Mr. Toth, Thank you! You have provided a wealth of knowledge for us parents and future cadets. I appreciate greatly how much time you spend sharing your knowledge and expertise. Your blog is by far the most informative one out there on the ROTC process. The Corp of Cadets at Clarkson University is lucky to have you. Thank you again for answering questions and keeping us with up to date information. Wishing you a good rest of the school year and a great new group of cadets for next year!

  66. I agree, Mr. Toth your help has kept me from going crazy waiting on an answer for my son. You have provided a wealth of information in a timely manner. I just wish the board was as quick as you are in notifying scholarship applicants. The deadline to pay for college admission is May 1st and I’m panicking because my son’s first choice is too expensive without a scholarship. So we are definitely waiting to hear something from the Board.

  67. I just got word the results of the final round of offers are released. If you haven’t received any phone calls or emails by Monday and your status hasn’t changed on the application website I would encourage you to contact your school of choice’s Battalion to ask about your status. This will do two things…confirm that you did or didn’t get an offer…and let that school know you are still interested in joining their program and becoming an Officer. If for some reason you can’t get an answer I am willing to to check your status if you send me an email to armyrotc at All I’ll need is your full name. Please wait until Monday. And when your little brother or sister gets ready to apply for an Army ROTC scholarship I’m going to ask you to keep Clarkson in mind!

  68. I just checked my status and I received a 4 year scholarship to a local state school (my 4th choice). I would like to transfer the scholarship to an out of state school but would need to hear a response by may 1st because the out of state school is too expensive to pay for without army ROTC. It says to “follow the instructions” on the winner letter but I would like to let them know about my transfer request as soon as possible so they can get back to me ASAP. What do you suggest I do?

    1. I recommend you contact the battalion and the school you wish to attend, let them know what you would like to do, and ask for a deadline extension. You won’t be able to request a transfer until you receive and accept the offer first. Make sure you have your letter of acceptance and reason for your request ready to go. And finally, be prepared to have that request denied. it’s not a guarantee.

  69. To all of you who have been anxiously waiting like we have been…my daughter’s status went from “boarded” this morning to “winner” this afternoon and she was offered scholarships to two schools. We are thrilled, of course! Best of luck to everyone!

  70. My daugher was awarded a scholarship to two schools: one is an old school with a very stong alumni; the other does not have such a strong alumni. In the end, if she commissions, does it really matter which school she attends?

  71. Major Toth, We live in California (and won’t know the board results for our son until he gets home from his after-school job tonight) and have been following your blog for many weeks. Thank you for providing patient, kind answers for so many of us anxious parents. Thank you also for serving our great nation. Good luck to you and the cadets at Clarkson.

  72. Well, good news bad news.
    Daughter offered a 3 year scholarship.
    Bad news, not at her first choice where she already signed for a partial sports scholarship and has been offered merit scholarships that, combined, help cover her first year. Also if she changes schools since she has already signed she loses a year of eligibility.
    Unfortunately when she went to this school for unofficial visits the ROTC department was not around so she was not able to talk to them face to face.

    1. Sounds like you will still have some options. Request the transfer, and if denied it still sounds like there is the option to go to #1 and compete for a campus based if she really wants to be an Army Officer

      1. Yes, the school ROTC mentioned that possibility with her.
        Thanks for your help with this. Start looking for your replacement for this website for when you move on. Nothing else out there

  73. So, first set of people are announced today (4/10) but if its through monday when they will announce everyone who won the scholarship, what specific time will they announce the 2nd round of people? or is it just random. I am eagerly seeking to find out right now!!

    1. there won’t be a second set of offers. I’m pretty sure the third round offers are posted and statuses have been changed. since you seem to be in such a panic I wlll check your status today (I have a college open house to cover anyways) and I’ll get back to you privitely. If your status didn’t change yesterday be prepared for bad news and plan B.

  74. When do you think we will receive the acceptance packet in the mail if our status has been changed to winner? Asking so that I can start my transfer request ASAP. Thanks again.

    1. The email I’m reading says the letters will be mailed next week. There will also be a copy of your offer letter posted to your application website. I would imagine if you printed that email out, accepted one of the offers and emailed it back in with a request to transfer, an explaination of why, and your college acceptance or denials then you will be considered for a transfer. The transfer request process is between you and Cadet Command. Brigades and Battalions don’t usually get involved and those requests are not always granted.

      Good luck

      1. I’m super lost! My son received a 3yr scholarship to two choices his #1 and #4. He would also like to transfer his #4 to his 3rd. Just so I’m clear my son would need to accept one of his choices first? Then contact the school he’d like to transfer to and make the request?
        Thank you!

      2. When he receives his offer letter this instructions will be very clear. Wait for that letter. You will be asking Cadet Command for permission to transfer the scholarship. The battalion/school is not part of that process. You should still be contacting the battalion you want to join to let the know your intentions. Keep in mind the request could be denied, so don’t burn any bridges you don’t want to, but I recommend you keep everyone apprised of your intentions.

      3. Oh I left a question out with the 3yr he pays for the first year correct?

      4. I was wondering about how long it takes before the letters reach the awardees. I live in Nevada but was wondering if they send them over night or just regular mail. Thank you.

  75. Grrr, the least they could do is change my daughter’s status to “nonselect” or something similar. The eternal “boarded” is not cool.

      1. Ladies…if the status hasn’t changed by now you should assume that there is no offer. Remember that 2/3rds of you won’t get offers from the national board. My recommendation is take a deep breath, try to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and on Monday contact the school at the top of your plan B list, ask them to verify you aren’t going to receive an offer, and ask what the next step is. They may be conducting an internal board, they may tell you your next window to compete will be in the fall, and they might not tell you anything. I know what I’m doing here for the Golden Knight Battalion, but I’m an idiot whose working on a Saturday.
        Good luck to all of you “non selects”.

  76. I received a three scholarship to my number 1 school and it says pending acceptance. Do I have to wait for my letter to come in the mail to do anything or should I call the Officer at my top choice college before then?

    1. Let me start this answer with a little advice. You are now on the road to becoming an Army Officer. The days of you being spoon fed information and being told what to do are quickly coming to an end. So, what do you think you should do?
      First, until you see that letter the offer isn’t official.
      Second, I’m guessing some time very soon you will hear from your new Battalion.
      If you have been in contact with someone at the Battalion or if you did your interview there then I would call or shoot them an email today or tomorrow letting them know you have received your offer and that you intend to accept the offer and attend the school. If you call them and they act surprised then they are a program that doesn’t put much effort into the scholarship process (some programs don’t). If they tell you they were tracking then they will appreciate knowing that you are going to accept the offer and they can take the next step with you.
      Congrats on the offer, and thanks for posting on my blog.

  77. Mr. Toth – Just want to say thank you for your time in sharing so much helpful info and insight through this blog. It has been a very helpful resource throughout this process.

    I do have a few questions for you with regard to the three year scholarship awards:

    Is the service commitment after graduation and commissioning still the same 4 years active duty + 4 years IRR?

    During the first year while not under scholarship do the students still participate in ROTC activities and are they still considered a cadet?

    Could these students potentially try for a walk-on sports scholarship to help with the cost of tuition for the first year? (Or will they be too busy due to involvement with ROTC?)

    You mentioned in a previous post something about competing for a campus based scholarship to cover the fourth year. How does a student do that?

    Again, thanks for all of your help!

    1. Jill,

      The commitment is the same, they will be a cadet and expected to participate fully.
      I have never heard of such a thing as being a walk on athlete that is on scholarship. I don’t think this is something that is possible or should be counted on. If he is looking to walk on to a D1 program he probably won’t be on scholarship to start, and if he is walking on to a D2 or D3 team there usually aren’t scholarships associated.
      I’m also not sure you understand competing for a campus based scholarship. If you have a three year scholarship you will be expected to pay for your first year. you will not be considered for any other scholarships from the Army. if you need help paying for that first year you should be talking to the school financial aid office or looking for external sources.

      1. Just to add my 2 cents.
        Discuss athletic participation with the specific ROTC department. Most (but not all), ROTC commanders are supportive of the Army goal of recruiting scholar, athlete, leaders into Army ROTC as future leaders. Most will waive participation in some activities such as morning PT when the cadet has athletic commitments but this is up to the ROTC department. ROTC training is very important but I learned as much about being an officer on the sports field as I did in ROTC. Many ROTC commanders understand this.
        Understand that a walk on getting a scholarship the first year, while not unheard of, is very rare. Sports programs are only permitted a certain number of scholarships and at many universities they are not fully funded, meaning they do not have enough money for all the permitted scholarships. In many sports money is committed years in advance- in some cases coaches are committing money to high school freshman. Some may have money set aside for players who prove themselves in training camp, but again, this is not common. Also if your child intends to walk on discuss this with the coach ahead of time. Some programs do not even accept uninvited walk on athletes.
        Good luck.

      2. Thank you for clarifying that. This process is confusing for those of us who are navigating it for the first time. I have had people tell me that the Army might offer to pick up her fourth year but that seemed strange to me if it wasn’t offered initially. That is why we have been figuring out how to tackle paying for the first year. I don’t know anything about athletic scholarships. One of her teachers who is also a track coach suggested that if she wasn’t getting a scholarship for the first year and wasn’t going to be busy with ROTC activities and commitments that she might be able to walk-on to the track team and get a partial scholarship that way. Now I see from your reply that she will be involved with ROTC and I know that ROTC and her studies will keep her busy enough without trying to add a sport or a job to that equation. Again, thanks for the info.

    1. Yes. Even at the DII/III level athletics can take up a good deal of time. At the D1 level the program pretty much owns you.
      Having said that D1 athletics and ROTC can be mutually beneficial as long as the coaches and the ROTC commander are on board. For the sport, they can get a “free athlete”, freeing up money for someone else. They also know the ROTC/athlete has to keep their nose clean and will get additional leadership and physical training outside the sport.
      On the ROTC side they are getting someone who will be “…trained of the fields of Eton” in the words of Wellington (at least he is suppose to have said that), meaning the trials you face on a sports field are often similar to those you may face as an Army officer.
      Again, talk to the coach right now if you have not done so and find out if walking on is possible. As with ROTC, however, if you are looking at sports as a source of money your child may be disappointed even if offered a full ride. If they are looking at it because they want to compete at that level then they will be happy even if money does not materialize.
      Talk to the PMS and get their attitude about participation in sports.

      1. We are fully anticipating paying for the first year and are very relieved to only have to pay for one year and not all four. My daughter really wants to be an Army officer and is looking at the possibility of a career with the Army. I think from here on out she needs to look at sports as a recreational activity in her spare time. Thank you for your input.

  78. Here in the Golden Knight Battalion we have 13 varsity athletes. We make allowances so that our Cadets can be successful academically, athletically, and in the ROTC world. Not all ROTC programs are as accomodating, but they may be. We have even had a graduate who went on to become a member of the Vermont National Guard Biathalon team. So, athletics can continue to be a part of your Cadets life. There just has to be balance and it probably won’t be how they pay for their college. And, by the way, one of the members of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball champions was an Army ROTC Cadet.

  79. Thanks. I will have her look into it with the school she is leaning toward. That is really awesome about the hoops player being a cadet.

  80. Thank you for all the info you have posted. You are the best source of information available on this subject.

  81. Mr. Toth.

    First off, thank you very much to allow for this blog to be a venue of information as we navigate through these difficult times. My son was awarded a three years scholarship to his #4 choice, a college in which he hasn’t even applied for. None the less, he has been accepted to his #2 choice. He is going to request Cadet Command for permission to transfer the scholarship. What factors determines the transfer approval process? Are the amount cadets already in the ROTC programs at the schools he applied for determines the acceptance? What are his chances for the transfer to be approved? What about the college in which he hasn’t even apply? Would you advice to apply for anyways? Lastly, is there such a thing as “I do not accept” the scholarship? If so, can he still attend the college in which he has been accepted and join the ROTC on that college? Will declining the offer hurt his chances to become an Army Officer through the ROTC program? Thank you.

  82. Mr. Toth.

    First off, thank you very much to allow for this blog to be a venue of information as we navigate through these difficult times. My son was awarded a three years scholarship to his #4 choice, a college in which he hasn’t even applied for. None the less, he has been accepted to his #2 choice. He is going to request Cadet Command for permission to transfer the scholarship. What factors determines the transfer approval process? Are the amount cadets already in the ROTC programs at the schools he applied for determines the acceptance? What are his chances for the transfer to be approved? What about the college in which he hasn’t even apply? Would you advice to apply for anyways? Lastly, is there such a thing as “I do not accept” the scholarship? If so, can he still attend the college in which he has been accepted and join the ROTC on that college? Will declining the offer hurt his chances to become an Army Officer through the ROTC program? Thank you.

    1. first off, congrats on the offer for your son.

      We never really know how exactly they decide who gets to transfer and who doesn’t. When you receive the offer you will receive a letter of instructions along with it. There will be instructions on what to do to request the transfer. Follow the instructions.

      I don’t know what the chances are, but I know that if you don’t ask then the chance is zero. You will need to accept one of the offers. Accepting an offer does not obligate you to anything. It just reserves the allocation. If for some reason your request is denied you can still attend the school of your choice, enroll in Army ROTC, and compete for scholarships in the future.

      Hopefully your son will be granted the transfer and all will be well. Good luck.

  83. My daughter won a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship to one of the school’s of her choice. Is it possible for her to apply for one of the NAVY ROTC scholarships once she’s on campus, and if she wins a NAVY scholarship, not accept the 3 year ROTC scholarship?

    1. she is going to have to enroll in Army ROTC this fall, participate fully and validate her three year scholarship. If instead she is enrolling in Navy ROTC and competing for one of their scholarships it’s not going to work. If she is participating in Army ROTC she is not going to be competitive for a Navy scholarship. Why would they consider someone who’s not even enrolled in their program? I would recommend that if she doesn’t want to be in the Army that she decline the scholarship and focus on her true goal.

  84. Hey Mr. Toth,
    Thank you for providing so much needed info! I checked my status and I am a winner of a 3 year. I did not receive a email and/or letter yet. When should I be expecting? Also, what is my next step in this process? the DoDMERB?

    1. if you haven’t gotten your letter yet look on your application website and look in your uploaded documents to see if the winner letter was uploaded.

      you will be given instructions to start your DODMERB. You will also probably be asked for some of the preliminary paperwork from your Battalion. Because it’s a 3 year offer there is no hurry. You have over a year to get fully qualified to contract. Stand by for that instruction letter and word from your new Battalion.

  85. Well… the letter arrived Saturday the 17th. In the letter it states any transfer requests must be received by 13 April- 4 days after we got the letter. I’m also assuming from what I’ve read here that others have not gotten their letters yet.
    I will try to call Ft Knox tomorrow.

    1. Same here. They must be behind schedule. I contacted a HR POC @ cadet command and he wrote that 8 May was the deadline to apply for transfer. I really hope that this is the case because the timeline is not synchronized.

    2. If you are going to request a transfer don’t bother calling, just send in your request ASAP. Cadet Command is smart enough to know the date they sent the letter.

      Sent from my iPad

  86. Mr. Toth. Out my son’s four choices, the scholarship went towards his number 4th choice, one that he has not applied for. He requested to transfer to his #2 choice, one that has already accepted him. Will he still need to applied for his 4th choice? Thank you.

  87. Greetings Mr. Toth,
    My son received notification yesterday and we scheduled his physical. When my son was 10 he had a reaction to multiple fire ant bites, a little swelling and itchiness. We took him to the allergist and the test showed he was allergic. He received treatment for 5 ½ years and has been bit since then but has not had a reaction. We documented as much on the DOD medical history. Would something like that disqualify him and do you know how long it usually takes before the medical clearance comes through?
    Thank you

    1. Have you looked at my three part blog series on the DODMERB process? I think you will find most of the answer to your question there. If you still have questions after reading through it let me know. To find it, just type DODMERB in the search box on the blog.

  88. Be aware. My daughter sent an email accepting the three year scholarship to the email enclosed with the packet last Monday. We received word today from the recruiting officer at her school that Cadet Command never received the email. My wife and I double checked and she sent it to the correct email. The recruiting officer gave us a different email and we are trying that. We also sent the packet via “snail mail” but they have not gotten it that yet as well.

      1. good to have a proactive ROO keeping tabs on his winners. keep in mind this is the busiest time of the year up at Cadet Command. keep checking, but try to be patient.

  89. Within hours of sending the packet and request for transfer to the email address given to her by the ROO we received word that her transfer request was granted for her 3 year scholarship. Oddly, my wife and I received word before our daughter.
    While I don’t know for sure, I think the things that helped with the transfer request:
    1. D1 athlete. Not attending her #1 school would have resulted in the loss of scholarship money and eligibility.
    2. She has been accepted to the engineering program at the school where she has the athletic scholarship while the other schools don’t have engineering.
    Thanks again for the help with this blog.

  90. Hey Mr.Toth,

    Just wondering what happens after all DoDMERB files are submitted. Should I be expecting anything?


      Check out my three part DODMERB process post…
      Once you take your physicals keep checking your status. One of three things can happen. You are qualified, you have remedials, or you are disqualified. My DODMERB posts expalin what to do in each case. You’ll also want to touch base occaisionally with your new Battalion. Eventually you will get a letter from DODMERB letting you know if you’ve been qualified.

  91. If a student is awarded a scholarship at the first board, by when does he/she have to accept? If they are boarded in October, for example, and receive and award in November and applied early action to two schools on their list, they will not be notified of acceptance to those schools until December. If they do not get accepted to either of those schools, regular decision for school choice #3 may not be released until March.

  92. I am wondering if you have an idea of when winners for the first October board 2015-2016 will be notified?

    1. Probably mid November. A good rule of thumb is to remember that offers are good for 30 days, and Cadet Command likes to have all the offers resolved before the next round of offers go out, so if you look at when the next board meets and count back 30 days you have a rough “no later than” date to have the offers out for the current board.

      We never know from year to year. There are budgetary issues and because the Commanding General has to approve the offers her timeline comes into play.

      Bottom line is this process is an exercise in patience. If you are feeling stressed do some pushups, some situps, and then go for a run and you’ll feel better.

  93. Is it worth checking the online portal everyday for a change in selection status? Or is it better to just wait for the letter?

    1. This time around Cadet Command is doing something different with regards to notifying winners. The results have been been posted in our system for about 2 weeks now. Cadet Command has directed that all winners be notified in person by the closest ROTC Battalion before statuses are changed and the official letter is sent. We have been given no later than December 4 to notify the winners. I have been letting some of my applicants know if they didn’t get an offer, but I am not authorized to tell anyone that they have an offer yet. If you haven’t heard anything at this time chances are you didn’t get a first round offer.

  94. Mr Toth
    I have received notification from my top three schools telling me I earned the 4 year scholarship to their universities. This being said, my status on the website still says “boarded” and I have not received an official letter from Cadet Command or anything? Am I just being impatient or is something wrong?

  95. Mr Toth
    I have received notification from my top three schools telling me I earned the 4 year scholarship to their universities. This being said, my status on the website still says “boarded” and I have not received an official letter from Cadet Command in the mail or anything else? Am I just being impatient or is something wrong?

    1. you are just being impatient. you should have been told when you were notified that the official letters should be going out next week. School starts next fall, so you have time.

  96. Mr. Toth,
    Are you aware of the approximate date that the second board replies are expected?

  97. I pretty much read all the comments here, and you seemed to get pretty redundant with answering many of the same kinds of questions. I was on here trying to figure out the average wait time to receive the offers and it seems like it takes about a month to know if I’ve received a scholarship…correct?

  98. First off…this thread is over 1 year old. The dates for the current year’s process are on the 2015-2016 dates post.

    If you get an offer it is usually about 2-3 weeks after the board finishes (usually a week after it starts). If you don’t get an offer you may not know until after the last round of offers are made.

    And finally, the process changes just about every time and we never know how long it will take to make decisions and release results. You have to be patient and I would recommend working with the ROO at one of the schools on your list to know what your status is.

    1. I was aware that this thread is fairly old 😛 But that’s exactly what I needed to know. Today is the the ROTC “tentatively scheduled to release the results”. I am a little nervous and excited! It came faster for me because I pushed it to the back of my head, thinking about it makes it longer. We’ll see how this goes for me! Thanks a lot 🙂

  99. Thank you for your quick response. There is still faith 🙂 I have contacted my ROO and asked for the status of my application, and now I’m waiting on his answer. So now that I’ll be looked at during the third board selection, how does that work exactly? I know the Board has already reviewed it and that it is the last time they’ll see it, but does that mean the points they’ve added up from my application are final or that they won’t look at it again?

    One more thing, I know that SAL is a huge factor to possibly earning the scholarship. I believe I possess the Scholar and Leadership traits, but I am a bit worried that my lack of participating in varsity sports (due to academic obligations) of my junior and senior year is keeping me from potentially earning the scholarship. I like to say I am physically active, but of course that won’t be taken into account. Any thoughts?

    1. Hopefully your ROO gets back to you. Your file keeps the same score for subsequent boards and does not get rescored for subsequent boards.
      I’m going to make this a learning experience for you. On the blog go to the search box and enter these two things “SAL” and “whole person score”. Take a look at the posts that come up from that search and let me know if you still need me to answer your questions about SAL.

      1. Thank you once again, I searched it up and they answered my questions! If this year won’t work, I will definitely try again next year for the three year scholarship! Thank you for the time you’ve put into your answers for all of our questions 🙂

  100. Just so you understand, next year will be a different process if you still want to compete for a scholarship. Next year you will be expected to be enrolled in Army ROTC class while you attend college. Each school does things a little different. In our case we hold a board every semester, and Cadets without a scholarship are invited to appear before the board. We then create our own Order of Merit list and use that to request scholarships when available.

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