CULP Trip 2013 – Korea – Cadet Hewitt

Cadet Jake Hewitt sent me a short update on his CULP trip this Summer.  He got to go to the Korean Signal School…lucky dog!

My name is CDT Jacob Hewit and I will be an MSIII this upcoming year In the Golden Knight Battalion. This summer I was sent on a CELTT/CULP mission to Korea from June 3rd to July 3rd. I was in a group of 9 other cadets from around the country. Our mission was to teach English to Korean children during the day and Army NCOs and Officers at night, in the city of Daejeon. We taught Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We would teach 1st through 6th graders at an elementary school on the ROK base. Later in the evening after we ate, I would teach a group of 4 Officers and NCOs on base. The children are all taught English from an early age. A lot of the kids could hold a conversation with you. When I taught the night group, we would just have free conversation and ask each other questions. On our days off we were able to travel the country. We went to Haeundae Beach in Busan, the Seoul Tower, the DMZ, and some of the ROK Army Officer schools. We went to the Aviation School, the Logistics School, and the Signal School. Korea was an awesome place to visit. I had a great experience and would recommend going on CULP to anyone.

Daejeon National Cemetery
The Cheonan, the vessel that North Korea sunk in 2010
Inside one of the Joint Security Area(JSA) buildings at the DMZ. This building is split in half by the border of North and South Korea.
Walked around the capital Seoul and went up the Seoul Tower

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