Apparently you didn’t get the memo

I sent an email out yesterday to the applicants on my list who hadn’t completed their file to be board ready for the January board. When I started to get response from a couple of the applicants expressing some concern I dug a little deeper into what I could see of their applications and noticed that the initial “Guidance Counselor Letter” which applicants usually receive was missing. I suspected something was up because the questions I was getting are usually answered by this letter. So I queried my higher headquarters and the response was that because of a computer problem these letters weren’t produced for some applicants, and it appeared that there wasn’t going to be an effort on Cadet Commands part to try an alternate way to provide the information.

So, while I refrain from expressing my amazement here is my best effort to provide the information that some of the applicants haven’t (and apparently won’t receive).

Guidance Counselor Letter

I have redacted the contact information from the scholarship processor. If you are an applicant and you didn’t receive this letter you will still receive a missing items letter which will have the contact information of your file processor. I don’t want to publish all the processors contact information here, for fear they will be inundated with calls and emails, but if you don’t have a letter indicating who is working on your file please contact me and I can provide that information to you. As always, you should be working with a recruiting officer from one of your schools of interest, and hopefully they are as helpful as I try to be.

The last page usually list the 5 closest ROTC Battalions to your home with the contact information for the PMS. This list can be used to schedule your interview. If you haven’t received this list you have a couple options. If you know there is a school close to your home you can google “XXXX university Army ROTC” and find the contact information for that school, call and request a scholarship interview. You can call the scholarship processor and ask them for a list of the closest schools. You can also take my advice and interview at one of your top school choices when you visit.

There are currently 5 processors working on close to 10,000 applicants files. It is understandable that they aren’t always as responsive as we think they should be. 273 recruiting officers/enrollment officers should be able to keep everyone on track.

Would like for you to leave a comment if you didn’t receive the Guidance Counselor Letter and you found this helpful.

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