Why doesn’t anyone hear me???

In the past week or two I’ve gotten a number of calls and emails asking me why faxes aren’t going through to Cadet Command.  Invariably what I find out is that the applicant is using an old copy of the application and is trying to fax information to Fort Monroe.  Be advised that Cadet Command is now at Fort Knox and you need to carefully read the instruction on the website and in the correspondences you receive from Cadet Command.

This is the fax number for Cadet Commands scholarship processors:


(502) 624-1120


This is the same number that should be on the Physical Fitness Assessment Scorecard.   I have recently seen some that had the old fax number, used by applicants that started the process early.  If you applied back in the spring the contact information may have changed over the summer, so make sure you are double checking everything.

I still contend the best way to submit your information to Cadet Command is via scan and email.  The generic email address is train2lead@usacc.army.mil, and you will be provided with the email address of one of the scholarship processors when you receive your first correspondence after submitting your application.  My recommendation is you scan and email to both of these email addresses anything you want included in your file, and you follow up with an email or phone call, as well as checking your online status.


  1. I agree with you! My son scanned and emailed everything that had to be sent, and it was all received without any problem.

  2. When do people usually get their acceptance letters back after the first board? I have been accepted to my first school but I keep checking the scholarship status online and it hasn’t changed. What should I do?

    1. Shawn,

      I’m a little confused by your question. When you say you are accepted by your first school are you saying that you are admitted for the fall? That has absolutely nothing to do with your Army ROTC scholarship application. As far as I know all the offers have gone out from the first board, and the offer letters are starting to arrive. If you didn’t get a letter from Cadet Command extending an offer to one or more of the schools on your list, and if your status didn’t change on the web site then you didn’t get an offer. Now you wait. Your file with it’s current score automatically rolls over to the next board. You will have two more chances to have your score rise above the offer line, and have allocations available at one of the schools on your list. In the meantime I would encourage you to look into the SMP program, and make sure you are talking to the financial aid office at the school you were admitted to, so you can start to plan how you will pay for school.

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