She’s not singing yet!

It’s not over till the fat lady sings. The high school national process for Army ROTC scholarships is almost over and all the offers have been posted (to the best of my knowledge). Here is what I posted on the Service Academy – ROTC discussion board today:

got en email today that said all offers have been posted for this year’s third scholarship board. Remember that an offer isn’t official until you get the letter in the mail. For those of you that are still waiting for your status to change, it’s time to shift fire to plan B. I don’t want to create false hope, but remember that there will likely still be campus based scholarships (expect them to be predominantly 3 year AD). There will also be an increase in the Guard/Reserve mission, and thus GRFD scholarships may be available for those cadets not interested in Active Duty. And don’t ever forget the SMP option.

It’s been a difficult scholarship process from my end, with a lot of uncertainty, but I am certain that we will continue to provide any qualified, motivated student interested in serving as an Army Officer the tools and the opportunity they need to succeed as a Second Lieutenant when they graduate. As someone who shares our values of Loyalty, Duty, and Selfless Service you should expect nothing more, and nothing less.

Good luck to all of you.

There will still be a process where scholarship winners will have to verify their intended school, or request to have their scholarship transfered. Apart from posting about the procedures to ask for a transfer I have no insight into whether these requests will be honored or not. Once that procedure is done the next step will be for Brigade to allocate any additional funds as campus based scholarship. I am also told that there may be additional offers for “qualified, but not selected” applicants from West Point. Again, how these will be offered, and who will get the offers has not been explained to me.

So, my advice is to plan for the worst. Plan to come to campus in the fall, enroll in ROTC. There are no guarentees, but we promise that you will have the opportunity to get some great training and have the opportunity to commission if you fulfill all the requirements, and the we still need Lieutenants in 5 years.

So, what’s your plan??


  1. Good Morning! What exactly does the “status” change to on the site? Thanks for any help you can offer….we are in Rochester, NY.

    1. I have seen some posts on the SA forum that indicate your status will say that you are being awarded a scholarship. I am not sure if there will be a “better luck next time” status change for those that didn’t get an offer. If I was in charge the post would explain the other options, and encourage applicants to enroll in the fall. Wish I had better info, but that’s the best I’ve got.

      1. Thanks for the info. We have heard mixed responses from different people saying that my son will receive a firm yes or no in the mail, but we still haven’t heard. Could you send me the link that you check on the SA forum? Thanks again!

  2. I should have said that cadet command’s the one who told us, via email at the train2lead link, that said he will hear either an affirmative or negative.

  3. the link to the SA forum is above. There have been many folks who have posted the text of their status change. Your son should be able to check his online status on the application website. The final notification is always a letter in the mail.

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