Time is running out

10 January is the deadline to start your application for the fall 2011 Army ROTC scholarship.  Once it is started you have until 28 February to have all the requirements complete to be considered for the scholarship.  What are the requirements?

Time is running out, but it’s not too late.

Remember also that you can still participate in ROTC, still compete for scholarship at a later date, and still become an Army Officer without a scholarship.  Everyone in ROTC is not going to school for free.  When I commissioned through the Army ROTC program at Shippensburg University I was non scholarship, contracted as a junior, and received a stipend of $100 dollars a month my last two years of college.  I became an Army Officer when I graduated.

If you want college, and to become an Army Officer get to www.armyrotc.com and start the process!

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