GKB Alumni Update: Captain Nicholas Beiniks ’06

Nicholas Beiniks GKB class of 06
Beiniks as a GKB cadet in 2005

The Golden Knight Battalion received this note from Captain Nicholas A. Beiniks, a Clarkson alumnus from the GKB Class of ’06 (in Beiniks’ own words: “the best commissioning class ever”).

He was happy to send us a thank you note after receiving one of our alumni program’s care packages. We were very happy to hear from a GKB alumnus like him!

The GKB alumni program LOVES sending care packages to our deployed alumni. The only thing we love more is hearing back from our alumni (and receiving a picture of that CU pennant in an exotic location), whether they are deployed or safe at home.

Shirley (and everyone else at the Golden Knight BN),

Hello, I hope all is well back at the Golden Knight Battalion. I received an email from Cadet Wheeler [ed: Wheeler is the current Cadet S-6 Officer] a couple days ago regarding care packages and it reminded me of the totally awesome care package I received from the Golden Knight Battalion when I was deployed last year.

Since I am not deployed, I’ll donate to help out getting care packages sent to other deployed alumni. Thanks again for doing this, it’s a really awesome program. I really appreciate it, and I’m sure the other alumni do too.


CPT Nicholas A. Beiniks

We encourage all GKB alumni to stay in touch with us (yeah, he’s still here) by sending a letter or email. Let us know if you are deployed, or if you know of another GKB alum who is deployed. We would love to send all of you care packages!
LT Ryan Brown flashing his Pennant in the front seat of a OH58
You can also stay in touch by joining the GKB Facebook Group.

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