Alumni, Attention! Drop and Give Me Twenty (Bucks)!

GKB Cadre and Staff prepare care packages for the 2009 "Drop and Give be Twenty (Bucks)" event.

Every year, before the holidays, the Golden Knight Battalion promotes the “Drop and Give Me Twenty (Bucks)” program. This program is aimed at sending deployed GKB alumni care packages in time for the holidays.

These care packages include comfort items that give our deployed alumni a taste of home such as homemade, homegrown, and locally produced goodies, as well as pennants and mugs from their alma mater. It is our way of thanking our Soldiers for their committed service overseas.

The “Drop and Give Me Twenty (Bucks)” program is made possible from contributions from our own GKB alumni, and from friends of the ROTC battalion. Last year, our donors gave over $1,900, of which every penny was spent sending care packages overseas. This program truly exemplifies Soldiers supporting Soldiers – Golden Knights supporting Golden Knights!

This year, we are once again challenging our friends and alumni to contribute to the program and donate a small contribution of twenty dollars (or whatever you would like to contribute). It is even more exciting when we get a note from our alumni, some of whom graduated in the early decades of the Golden Knight Battalion.

If you wold like to donate to the 2010 “Drop and Give Me Twenty (Bucks)” program, you may send your donation (or note for our deployed alumni) to:

Clarkson Army ROTC
BOX 5875
Potsdam, NY 13699

Please make your checks payable to “Cadet Association”

We look forward to seeing our Golden Knight alumni step up and send their well wishes (and their twenty bucks!) for the 2010 “Drop and Give Me Twenty (Bucks)” program.

If you have any questions about the program, or would like more info about our deployed alumni, please contact Shirley Mousaw (email) or call 315-265-2180.


  1. My son (Dan Gluszko) brought this to my attention, and asked if I could respond. He was at Clarkson for one year and participated in the ROTC program. Dan is currently in Iraq and both, he and I know how much this means to our troops. I will be sending you a $50.00 donation to the “Drop and give me twenty” program.
    Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. I think of Dan often, especially since it’s hockey season. Dan was also my first defector to West Point. I’m glad to see both of you stayng in touch, as we consider you and Jake Allen, and Emily Karl GKB alum. I know Shirley has Dan’s address, and he will be receiving a box from the GKB this holiday season.

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