2010-2011 scholarship board dates

I finally found the dates for the upcoming year posted…here’s what they look like:

  • Deadline for documents for the first board   18 October, 2010
  • Deadline for documents for the second board  27 December, 2010
  • Final high school selection board deadline for documents  28 February, 2011

Only three boards this year!

WWW.ARMYROTC.COM is where you need to go to apply online.


If you are looking for a good Enrollment Officer to help coach you through the process just drop me a line, and while you are at it take a look at my schools.

We have just about anything you could be looking for (except a big city and large class sizes).


  1. If you have time, you should post these on the Service Academy Forums. I’m sure that they would “enjoy” them.

  2. When I asked around spring of 2009, ROTC enrollment/scholarship officers shared with me how many national scholarships were given for their incoming freshmen class (class of 2014). This spring, I called a few of them again, and asked how many scholarships they gave out. The number seems to be like half.

    Is it the case in your battalion also? Do you have any guess on whether the number will again go down drastically for the class of 2015? Or do you think it will be more or less at the level of class of 2014?

    1. Our scholarships did get cut in half, but we have always gotten more than our share. I don’t expect the number of scholarships to change this year. I expect that I will have the same amount since our mission went up by 2. The key to having your best shot at the scholarships that are out there is to apply early, highlight your SAL attributes, and stay in touch with the enrollment officer at your school of choice to compete for campus based scholarships.

      Hope that helps

  3. Major Toth when an applicant is being considered for a scholarship what role does the presidential fitness test play? Is their a certain number that has to be met before you win a scholarshiop? do you have to pass an apft before you can win a scholarship?

    1. The PFT is just a gauge to see if you are physically fit. There is no published standards I have found, but if you hold your results up against the APFT standard you can get a good idea of what is expected. 42 PU/53 SU/15:54 for 2 minutes of PU and SU and a 2 mile run. So, 40 PU, 50 crunches, and a 7 minute mile would impress me. Can’t say what it will do for the board. Now, you do have to pass the APFT to validate your scholarship. Actually you have to pass the first one to entry level standards (50 points in each event). I try to make my scholarship winners think they have to pass it to 60 point standards, so they aim high.

      Does that all make sense?

  4. If you are sent paperwork to get a DodMerb physical, does it mean you have been selected for an ROTC scholarship? Or how does this step fit into the overall process?


    1. Not necessarily a correlation. Haven’t quite figured out what is triggering the DODMERB this year. Last year it wasn’t until you received an offer, but this year there seems to be no correlation. I have also read on the discussion board that it doesn’t necessarily mean an offer is on the way. Until you see the offer letter, or at least get a call from a ROO telling you that you have an offer, don’t spend your college savings. And get right on that DODMERB. I contracted two cadets this year in December whose DODMERB took that long to resolve. Whether you get the offer or not, being DODMERB qualified will put you ahead of the game.

    2. I am scheduled for my DODMERB on Monday and I sprained my ankle pretty severely in a soccer game a week ago. I am in a boot until Monday and will start physical therapy next week. What documentation do I need to take to my medical exam for this? Thank you

      1. The DODMERB is a physical to determine if you are healthy enough to serve as an Officer. Having a sprained ankle, unless there is permanent damage probably won’t be an issue. I would take anything you can from your doctor that explains the extent of the injury and the prognosis for recovery. If you acurately fill out your medical history online you will have to indicate this injury. If you go to your DODMERB prepared to explain any issue or injury, as long as the issue doesn’t disqualify you then you should be OK.

        Hope that helps

      2. Thanks that helps. I will request a note from the doctor tomorrow. Do you have any idea when letters will be out from Jan. board? I thought I would have heard something by now and am wondering if a letter comes either way.

      3. Letters should be mailed within the next couple days. You will only receive a letter if you are getting an offer. If you don’t receive an offer your file will be in the pile for the third board. Make sure you check in with the ROO at your chosen school if you haven’t heard from Cadet Command by the end of next week. She/he will be able to tell you what you should expect going forward.

        Good luck.

      4. If award letters are sent out this week, will my status have already changed on the website. Mine is still showing that I have been selected for interview, does this mean I have been moved to March board reviews?

      5. All indications are that if your status hasn’t changed there isn’t an offer on the way. We haven’t been told that all the letters were sent, so it could still change. If it doesn’t your file will move to the Third board, and you will be competing against everyone who has applied and hasn’t received an offer yet.

  5. Major Toth,

    Any idea about the results from the January Board? I’m hoping you may have an inside look at this question and possibly even an answer. Thanks for any reply you grant me!

    Thank you

    1. Still no word. I was told that Cadet Command is still trying to hammer out the budget, so that is probably what the holdup is. I’m sure you are going to see a flurry of activity once the results have been released. I will be sure to sound the alarm once I start seeing offers posted in our system, and I get the authorization to alert the masses.

      Hang in there.

      1. do you think that DODMERB website being down for so long now has anything to do with the delay of January board announcments. Only makes sense, as Universities need to see if scholarship winners are medically qualified. Am I correct in this thinking?

      2. Should not have anything to do with the scholarship process. As of last year the DODMERB process didn’t even start until the applicant got a scholarship offer. Last year I had a number of scholarship winners who were subsequently medically disqualified. This year some of the applicants are being instructed to start the process, but not all. I don’t know exactly how the process has changed. Additionally, Universities are usually going to start working the DODMERB process once the applicant gets an offer from Cadet Command. The three scholarship winners from the first board who accepted to my school all began the DODMERB process after accepting the offer. One is complete, one hasn’t begun, and one has a remedial. We have until December of next year to get them medically qualified and still get their first semester paid for.

        I believe the delay in the January results are more related to the budget issues. We don’t even have an approved 2011 defense budget yet, let alone a 2012 budget, so Cadet Command doesn’t really know how many offers to make. I saw something on Cadet Commands facebook page yesterday about “no later than” 1 March, but I would be surprised if the results are released by then.

        Hope that makes sense.

      3. With the pending shutdown of the federal government on March 5th, and the lawmakers out next week for vacation, there will only be 2 days for the Senators to hammer something out. Doesn’t appear that they are in “deal mode”. We may have a long wait for the January results.

      4. Maj. Toth. I have some info for you regarding the 2nd round of offers. I spoke with someone who is a solid source at Cadet Command and was told that finalization of offers will be completed tomorrow or Thursday and that input into the computer and letters going out will happen at the end of this week and into the beginning of next week. Hope this info helps you.

  6. Hi, I was just wondering, what role does being a different ethnicity (lets say asian) and knowing the language (so being bilingual) play a role in getting chosen?

    1. Getting chosen for what? I want to think that the Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer, at least for the most part. We do discriminate against people who don’t meet the minimum requirements (aren’t medically qualified or aren’t able to pass a PT test) . I am not aware of any quota’s or preferences. I have also not seen anything that gives you extra points for being bilingual. I would imagine board members/interviewers would look favorably on someone who is culturally well rounded and speaks a second language. There are Cultural programs and some language scholarships and benefits available also. That being said, anyone can enroll in ROTC, and you don’t need to be “chosen” to enroll in ROTC. I know a scholarship is always good, but not everyone is going to get one this year. Sign up for the class and start on the path to Officership.

      1. sorry for the vageuness. I meant for getting chosen for an rotc scholarship by the board. I was just wondering if that would have any factor in the decision making for one.

  7. When will the final board release their results. I have been trying to get the status of my son’s package for about 6 weeks.

    1. I can see that there are three Duffs that have applied for a scholarship this year…all three have a status of interviewee, which means that their file is complete and has (or will be) been looked at by the board. The last board meets some time in early March. I would suggest that you stay in close contact with the ROO at the school your son intends to enroll at. If he is still considering more than one school I would suggest he narrow the field. The scholarship boards have not been kind this year, and I am encouraging all the applicants to start considering alternatives, and to not rely on the scholarship.

  8. Even though I completed my interview my status still shows “You have been chosen for an interview” why?

    1. Your status will stay like that until you either receive a scholarship offer, or the process ends on 30 March. Make sure you are staying in close contact with the ROOs at your schools of choice. In fact, even though you have received an answer to your question, I would suggest you email each of the ROOs at your schools of choice and ask this same question. See which ones get back to you, and see which ones seem the most helpful. This may give you some indication which schools will be the best place to be a cadet.
      Good luck

  9. I completed my application earlier this year and had my interview sometime in October/November timeframe. I have seen different answers as to when exactly the last group of applicant should hear back by and was hoping you could clarify?

    1. I expect the results of the last board will be releases some time in early April. The deadline for second round scholarship offers to be accepted is 31 March. Once Cadet Command knows what they have left they will make the last round of offers. I have not seen a stated date for offers to go out. I think I’ve seen the date of 20 May as the end of the process, so if you haven’t heard anything by then you know you won’t receive an offer from the national process. As I have stated over and over, you need to be in contact with the ROOs at your schools of interest. Those ROOs should be told if you are still interested, if you have been accepted to their school, and how serious you are about becoming an Army Officer. In my case, if I’m not hearing from an applicant and if she/he is not responding to my emails then I have to assume they aren’t very serious about what I have to offer.

      Hope that helps.

  10. What are the chances I will be granted medical waiver for flat feet. I wear orthotics that I purchase at a local shoe store. With these inserts I have no pain or problems at all.

    1. The tattoo/piercing policy is addressed in CCR 670-1 for cadets and AR 670-1 for the Army. Google either of those and search in the document for tattoo or piercing. Make sure you look at the date since there are some outdated regs floating around on the internet. Bottom line is if you are a male you will not have any metal sticking through your head while in uniform. The tattoo policy has relaxed a little, but don’t get that Mike Tyson tribal on your face if you plan to be an officer. The best way to get the answer to your question is to ask about a specific proposed piece of work. For example, one of my cadets asked if a patriotic tat on his shoulder blade would be OK, and the answer was sure. Another cadet asked about getting his ear pierced and the answer was “you should probably think twice, because you won’t be able to wear it while in uniform, and you might get hassled about it when not in uniform on a military post”.

      If having a hole in your eyebrow is more important than serving your country as an Army Officer, than Army ROTC may not be a good choice.

      All this advice is coming from a pretty laid back Army Officer. Try asking the crusty old Master Sergeant and the advice will be a little more pointed.

      Hope that helps.

  11. Just had a quick question. I received a med seperation from the navy a couple years back for stress fractures in both legs but have a clean bill of health from a civilian doc. Theres been some concern about how that would affect my ROTC physical. Any idea on what the impact might be?

    1. when you take your DODMERB physical, you will fill out a medical history. When you fill out your medical history you will be obligated to reveal that you were treated for stress fractures. Failure to disclose is a disqualifier. I would imagine there is also a question about being seperated from the military for a medical reason. Based on your responses DODMERB will probably ask for your medical records regarding your treatment. They will determine whether you are qualified or disqualified. If you are disqualified you can request a waiver.
      I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the process won’t be pretty. Have you read my blog articles about the DODMERB process?

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