Here is the question that was part of an email I received a couple weeks back-

I was wondering on how the program would fit in with a pre-med track. Would one be enlisted upon graduation from Clarkson or after completion of Medical School.

Here is my reply –

With regards to pre-med. There are no guarantees that if you are a premed student you will serve in a medical branch, or that the Army will facilitate your future medical education. If you complete 4 years of ROTC you will commission into the active force or into the Guard/Reserves and serve part time. You will have the opportunity to request an educational delay to go on to graduate school if you choose to go active duty (there are no guarantees, and it is very competitive), or you can choose to commission into the Guard or Reserves and go on to med school while serving part time as an Army Officer. So, enlisting is not something we do…we get commissioned as Army Officers.

I know at face value that doesn’t sound like you are getting a lot for your commitment to serve, but what you will get is excellent leadership training, a guaranteed management opportunity in our organization when you graduate, and the camaraderie and support of the your fellow cadets and the cadre.

to learn more about the opportunities to serve in the medical field I would encourage all who are interested to contact a medical recruiter. There are some great opportunities, and Army ROTC can even be a path to serving in that field, but we are one path that isn’t 100%.

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