Potsdam? Where is that?

As you look at colleges and ROTC programs, location is important. You will look at colleges that are in the city or in the country, schools that are large and small, known of their liberal art curriculum or their hard core science and engineering. Today I talked to a scholarship applicant that decided that being a member of the Golden Knight Battalion and attending Clarkson University wasn’t the best fit for him. He visited twice, stayed overnight with one of our cadets, and had a good idea what the North Country had to offer. It wasn’t what he was looking for. Although I was disappointed I understood, and was glad that he took the time to evaluate what we had to offer.
I would hope that if you are considering one of our schools (Clarkson, St Lawrence, SUNY Potsdam, and SUNY Canton) that you have a good idea what you are getting yourself into. If you look at the map you may be surprised that people live here, and that Potsdam is still in the United States. We are located on the north edge of the Adirondacks in the real upstate New York (most people consider anything north of New York City upstate, but we know better).

Adirondack region high-speed tour from Adirondack Region on Vimeo.

The most unique thing about this area is that there are 4 quality Universities within 10 miles, and they have a mutual relationship that allows students from all 4 schools to participate in Army ROTC at Clarkson. There are many other unique aspects of the area, from the rural atmosphere, many outdoor opportunities, and educational quality that make it the right fit for the right person. If someone visits our campus, and meets with us it’s a sure sign that they are interested in what we have to offer, and it’s likely that they will be back. We don’t appeal to everyone, but we have more to offer than you would think.

Here is a list of links that can give you an idea of what the North Country is all about. If we’ve got what you are looking for come check us out.

  • The town of Potsdam – check out the new videos!
  • Associated Colleges of St Lawrence Valley – the organization our 4 schools belong to
  • North Country Public Radio – Award winning public radio serving the North Country
  • Adirondack Mountain Club
  • Main Street Barbers – where cadets get their hair cut and catch up on the local news
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