How do I join up??

freshman cadet orientation fall 2008Cadet Command PatchA couple things I need to add about MS I year…I’m often asked how do I join, or how do I apply, or what is the paperwork to join ROTC. There are a couple ways you can participate in Army ROTC during your first year of college. Obviously one of the most desirable ways is if you win a 4 year scholarship while in high school, but that isn’t the only way. Scholarship winners will be expected to make a commitment, and we will talk about the commitment in future posts. You can also participate in the class with no obligation. This is one of the most misunderstood things about Army ROTC. ANYONE can take ROTC class in their first two years of college WITH NO OBLIGATION. At Clarkson I am always checking to see if a cadet is ready to make the commitment, or if they are not. I don’t pester or harass, but I make sure that each cadet is able to make an informed decision about whether taking the next step on the path to becoming an Army Officer is for them. Not everyone will receive a scholarship, and there are many ways to join and participate in ROTC, but the bottom line is if you are curious about the Army, and whether becoming an Army Officer is for you, there is no reason not to enroll in an Army ROTC class. At Clarkson that is as easy as contacting me and asking me to have ROTC class added to your freshman schedule, or if you are at one of our partnership campuses getting a cross enrollment form from me to enroll in the class.

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