Summer 2021 Army ROTC information sessions for high school students

In conjuction with Army hiring days and the opening of the 2021-2022 Army ROTC scholarship window we will be holding a series of information sessions this summer to explain the program and prepare rising seniors to start their scholarship application and be as competitive as possible.

Here are the dates and times:

31 May 1:00 PM

1 June 7:00 PM

2 June 1:00 PM

3 June 7:00 PM

4 June 1:00 PM

7 June 1:00 PM

7 June 7:00 PM

8 June 1:00 PM

8 June 7:00 PM

Hit this button and sign up for one of the sessions. If you are a counselor, parent or influencer feel free to join us.

Or email armyrotc(at) for more information. Mention Summer info sessions in the subject line.